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  • Monitor Shared Folders In Windows

    Shared folders in Windows is a great way to share files and folders across the local network. If you have more than one computer at home or at office, you can easily share your files among the computers without doing any hard work. Windows makes it very easy to share folders. Windows provides a way […]

  • Windows XP Luna Theme for Windows 7

    While Windows 7 has become the fastest growing Operating System ever and it’s been adapted by many people. But there are few who just want to stay with the old look and feel of Windows XP and don’t want to learn the new UI enhancements of Windows 7. The good news is that they can […]

  • 17 Awesome Windows 8 Wallpapers

    While Windows 7 has already been in limelight for quite some time now, Windows 8 has just started to float. We have posted some news about Windows 8 at iMicrosoft blog. Here I want to share some cool wallpapers of Windows 8 which I have been collecting for quite sometime now. If you like any […]

  • 8 Free Defragmentation Tools For Windows

    One reason of the degradation of performance in Windows is the file fragmentation. According to Wikipedia, fragmentation means: In computer storage, fragmentation is a phenomenon in which storage space is used inefficiently, reducing storage capacity and in most cases performance. The term is also used to denote the wasted space itself.

  • Manage Windows 7 Firewall Easily With Windows 7 Firewall Control

    Windows 7 includes a very good firewall which is much better than its predecessor, Windows XP firewall. But the problem with Windows 7 firewall is that it is not easy to use. It uses a very complex UI which a normal person can’t use without knowing much about firewalls.

  • 2 Tools To Create Custom Portable Apps

    If you are a portable apps lover then you would have wished about so many programs and applications that they were portable but couldn’t find their portable versions. Today I’ll write about two portable apps creators. Both of them are very good. Let’s talk about both of them one by one. Cameyo

  • Manage And Schedule Power Settings In Windows

    Although power settings in Windows are quite simple and easy to manage but there are many things that are not included in the default Windows power settings. For example I can’t schedule when the system should hibernate itself and when it should wake up or if the internet or network is working, the PC should […]

  • How To Permanently Delete Files From Computer

    There are a few methods to delete files from the computer. In Windows, we can hit the delete button or right click any folder or file and select delete to delete the file or folder. By default, this will take the file to the recycle bin and then we can empty the recycle bin to […]

  • Top 5 Free Must-Have Blackberry Apps For Kids

    Some say that the Blackberry is a way of life. It is something that ties into everything you do, whether through communication, games or tools – designed specifically for the Blackberry platform. This way of life seeps into the lives of our kids as they love to model, learn and play with the things we […]

  • How To Increase Virtual Memory In Windows XP

    People often complaint that there PC is constantly showing up messages of low memory space. When you are in urgent need of your pc and your system crashes then you just feel banging your head against the wall. So just don’t hassle when you see messages like that because it is easy to increase virtual […]