Manage And Schedule Power Settings In Windows

Although power settings in Windows are quite simple and easy to manage but there are many things that are not included in the default Windows power settings. For example I can’t schedule when the system should hibernate itself and when it should wake up or if the internet or network is working, the PC should keep running and be turned off when the network becomes idle etc.
Smart Power

SmartPower is a small program that provides a lot of options for extending the default power settings in Windows. SmartPower can run as a Service and schedule power settings in Windows. Here are some of the rules that can be set in SmartPower.

  • One or more schedules are active – A schedule is a period of time during which the PC must stay on. By default SmartPower will wake-up your PC in order to honour a schedule.
  • One or more devices are online – A device is anything on your network that will respond to a ping.
  • Network throughput (the bytes flowing through a particular interface) is above a configurable threshold.
  • CPU usage is above a configurable threshold.
  • One or more processes are running – A process is a Windows process.