Monitor Shared Folders In Windows

Shared folders in Windows is a great way to share files and folders across the local network. If you have more than one computer at home or at office, you can easily share your files among the computers without doing any hard work. Windows makes it very easy to share folders.
Windows provides a way to monitor the shared folders so that you can know who is accessing the shared folders on your computer. The tools provided by Windows are complex and not meant for normal users. To see who is accessing your share folders, right click Computer –> Manage –> Shared Folders –> Open Files.
This will give you the list of files open by remote users. It also gives the username by which the file is being accessed. But we can’t set alerts to when the files are accessed. There is a software which makes the monitoring process very easy. NetShareMonitor is a security app which can alert you when a user connect to a share on your computer. The session information includes remote host address, remote user name, list of accessed files and time of connection. Entire details pertaining to each session will be logged to file for future analysis. This logging feature is not available in the default Windows shared folder monitoring tool.
It can also alert you of null sessions. Null sessions are the users connecting to your share folders without a username. This is a technique usually used by hackers.
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You may also be interested in monitoring local folders for changes with Folder Spy or Directory Monitor.



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