17 Awesome Windows 8 Wallpapers

While Windows 7 has already been in limelight for quite some time now, Windows 8 has just started to float. We have posted some news about Windows 8 at iMicrosoft blog. Here I want to share some cool wallpapers of Windows 8 which I have been collecting for quite sometime now.
If you like any of the wallpapers, just click on it and you’ll get the full version of the wallpaper. You can also click on View slide show to view the wallpapers as a slideshow or click on Download All in order to download all the wallpapers at once.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

You may also like to have a look at my collections of wallpapers for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please note that I have taken these wallpapers while surfing the internet. The wallpapers belong to their respective owners.

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  1. These are terrible backgrounds. Obviously not official and should not be passed off as such. Color is bad, low color depth, low resolution ect. ect. Crap.

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