Create Fonts With Your Own Handwriting

your fonts Have you ever thought about writing digitally in your own handwriting? I mean if I want to write an article in Microsoft Word but I want it to be in my own handwriting. I have found out a site that lets you create fonts in your own handwriting.
It just takes a few minutes to create a font of your own handwriting. You need to download a font template from and print it. Fill in the template with your own handwriting and scan it and upload it to It will give you a preview of how your newly created font looks like. Approve it and download your shiny new handwriting font. That’s it. Now you can simply install the font and use it as per your needs.






4 responses to “Create Fonts With Your Own Handwriting”

  1. daniel

    I can’t read the article because the damn yourfonts banner covers it

  2. Sanix

    daniel which browser are you using? I have tested the article with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome 2. The display is perfectly fine and the article is readable.

  3. Anonymous

    Not exactly self explanatory, but also does this.

    1. Sanix

      Anonymous, very useful information but I don’t like the Windows built-in font editor as it’s very hard to work on.