Find Time Of Any Place In The World Instantly

world time
I came across a wonderful site on which we can see the time of any city or place in the world instantly. Just drag your mouse over the place and you’ll know the time. Here is the feature list of the Qlock I’m talking about:


  • Multiple, dockable clock windows
  • Database of every major city
  • Customizable alarms in each city
  • Automatic Internet time sync
  • Adjustable clock sizes
  • Integrated RSS/Atom feed reader
  • Daily FX rates
  • Sticky Notes
  • “When the time is..”
  • Qlock Sync service
  • Automatic program updates
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Multiple desktop profiles
  • Desktop transparency
  • Multiple alarms per city
  • Countdown timers

You can even see the world map, zoom across to any place like google maps.
world map zoom
See for yourself and explore different features of the site and download the software to be displayed on the desktop: