How To Remove W32.sillyFDC Virus

Yesterday a friend of my came to my desk and asked me to copy some pictures. I inserted his USB flash drive and woosh — Virus alert says my Antivirus. For more information about which antivirus I use, please see this article. I wrote down the virus name and went to his computer to see if everything was fine on his computer. Unfortunately the system had been stuck with the same virus. So I researched about the virus and here are the details about removing W32.sillyFDC.

W32.SillyFDC is a common virus for removable device users. Actually it starts spreading from the removable devices. It may copy itself from drive A to Z.

Removal instructions:

# Disable System Restore. Right click My Computer –> Properties –> System Restore –> Turn off system restore on all drives –> Apply
# Restart the computer in safe mode.
# Download and install hijackthis.
# Run Hijackthis and go to Misc Tools –> process manager. Note down the paths  and Kill all the processes by the following names:

  • CALC
  • calc
  • mscalc.exe
  • startupfolder
  • config_

# Run Hijackthis and go to Misc Tools –> Delete a file on reboot –> give the paths of all the above files. Please note that the path should be the same as noted above.
# Run Hijackthis and do a system scan. Delete all the 04 entries by the above names.
# Download Smart Virus Remover from here.
# Start Smart Virus Remover and select remove/disable autorun option.
# Restart your computer and re-enable System Restore.
Please installa good antivirus to make sure you are always protected against viruses. See this article if you want to have some free good antiviruses.



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  1. daniel

    is this solution compatible with windows vista?

  2. Viper X

    ThAnk You Very VEry Much Its A Very Handy Virus Removal