Control and Protect Windows Desktop Settings

When I was in the college, our lab computers did not allow us to change the desktop settings and I always used to wonder how it was done. It was done using the network administration tools provided in the Windows Active Directory. Linux has its own set of tools for this purpose. But when it comes to a personal computer which is not attached to any domain or directory and we want to protect our desktop so that no one will be able to change the settings, there is no built in way to do this in Windows XP, Vista or Seven other than using group policy editor which itself becomes very complex.
Today I came across a handy utility called Deskman which can be useful for this purpose. It has got quite a lot of features. It gives a list of items which become protected when checked.
deskman options
Suppose if we don’t want right click to be enabled on the desktop, we can check Context Menu under Desktop. This will make the selected action as protected. Check whatever options you want to protect and then press Ctrl + D. This will apply the settings to your desktop. It is not only limited to desktop but it can also do a lot of other functions. In short it’s a limited version of your personal computer group policy. The software can be downloaded from the following location:
[download id=”190″]

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