Disable Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename In Windows

Sometimes we have to give our beloved system to other closed ones. In this case when we are forced to share our system with others for sometime, we get concerned about our data whether it’ll be safe or the other person will delete it or move it somewhere else. Some sensitive data should also not be copied in case if the other person uses a USB drive or some other removable media to take data from the system.
I always thought it would be great if I could disable cut, copy, paste, delete, rename etc. on my system so that nobody will be able to do anything wrong with the system. Fortunately I’ve found a utility called Prevent. Prevent is a utility that will prevent cut, copy, paste, delete, rename operations.
This utility also disables Task Manager’s End Process functionality so that no body will be able to end the process of Prevent. A hotkey can be setup in order to stop the application processes. Only you know the hotkey so only you’ll be able to stop the prevent processes.
Download Prevent from the following location:
[download id=”195″]






13 responses to “Disable Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename In Windows”

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  4. helpme

    Ok, so i installed it, i love, but how do i autorun prevent but not allow the user profile to access it (because i don’t want them to disable the program)

  5. Clifford

    well helpme you can use this software StartupCPL.exe to auto run “Prevent”. . . .

  6. Abhishek Kesharwani

    Well I have not used this tool as of now but i am sure this tool can not stop draging drop of files in any folders and computer expert can also use CMD for copying a files so i Feel u might need to rethink dear, Anyways its a good initiative, Here is just a suggestion for improving the tool is to deactivate the clipboard sono copy paste but drag drop wont be prevent u need to think something else. Good luck..
    Abhishek Kesharwani(Windows Programmer).

  7. Abhishek Kesharwani

    You can change in windows registory to stoping drag and drop good luck Abhishek k

  8. Kaushal Pandey

    Actually I want to say that sometimes i dont want to share our some folders,file,document.
    That time if we stop cut,copy,and paste system in our windows,
    How can it possible ?i want to know it……………

  9. Purushottam Mishra

    Actually I want to say that sometimes i dont want to share our some folders,file,document.
    That time if we stop cut,copy,and paste system in our windows,
    How can it possible ?i want to know it……………
    Do you know………
    if you know please tell me…………….

  10. sasanka

    Hi Ritesh!
    Have a big issue because want to restrict through active directory..
    can you please guide me to write a script file for this..

    1. Sanix

      I’m not sure what you want to do. Can you explain more?

  11. sasanka

    Thanks for the reply..
    I want to prevent some users from copying files and screen capturing.
    The problem is, can’t do using an exe file because I want to do it through Active Directory for many Windows OS versions.
    Current I have found only one solution that’s through capturing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, PrintScreen, Ctrl+PrintScreen, Alt+PrintScreen, Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen, APPSKEY and mouse button key press events and running a different function.
    IS there a better solution or can any one help me to write a VBScript for this??

  12. Rajesh

    can u please help me to how to open this hot key window.