Latest Microsoft Windows 7 Activation Crack

Microsoft has been busy getting rid of all the Windows activation cracks that started to pour out even before the final release of Microsoft Windows 7. The activation cracks used to bypass the technology used by Microsoft that interpreted the activation.

With Service Pack 1, it became almost impossible for the hackers to crack the new activation technology used by Microsoft. But a new technique has emerged that uses SLIC and SLP to crack Windows 7 activation even before Windows 7 boot process which makes Windows look like genuine.

I’m still searching for how this crack works and what are the implications of this crack. If anyone knows more about the latest crack please let me know. I’ll share more information about it once I’ve researched fully. In the mean while, you can backup and restore Windows 7 activation settings and permanently crack Windows 7 without activation by unlimited rearms but I don’t think it’ll work with the latest Windows 7 including SP1. Please note that Windows 7 SP1 is still in beta. You can also download Windows 7 free.






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    hi i have win 7 enterprise thanx

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    all i have to say is this nothink is hack proof NOTHINK