Download uTorrent 3.0 Final Version With File Sharing And Streaming Options

uTorrent 3.0 Final has been released. I have updated my uTorrent 3 beta and no problems have been encountered ever since. The beta of uTorrent 3 was a long process which finally came to an end.

uTorrent 3.0 stable comes out with lots of improvements and new features. We have already discussed a few features in uTorrent 3 beta article. The streaming feature was not working in the beta but it has finally started working in the stable release. Here are some of the highlights of uTorrent 3.0 stable version:

  • µTorrent Web for zero-conf, secure remote access

  • Torrent Ratings

  • Drop files to send

  • Streaming

  • Webseeding fixes

  • Portable mode

  • Simplified view

  • The most notable feature that I like is the file sharing feature. You can drop the files to uTorrent drop box and easily share the file with anyone on the Internet without uploading it anywhere on the Internet. The file will be seeded through your computer.

    uTorrent 3 also includes a remote management feature in which you can access your uTorrent from anywhere on the Internet through a web console. The web console can be access from here.
    One feature that’s still in beta is uChat. With uChat you can chat with other uTorrent users around the world which will be a big improvement and will promote community based ‘social torrenting’.
    In the stable version you’ll need to enable Video streaming. It is disabled by default. To enable video streaming go to Options –> Preferences –> Streaming.
    utorrent streaming preferences
    Here you can adjust different streaming settings including the default media player, buffering etc.

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Windows

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Mac

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Linux

Download uTorrent 3.0 portable







3 responses to “Download uTorrent 3.0 Final Version With File Sharing And Streaming Options”

  1. Meena Bassem

    one bug is stopping me from using it
    when it’s added to startup with parameter “utorrent.exe /hide”
    which used to work fine on previous version (and working on the current one i’m using 2.2.1)
    it’s actually started but not even minimized, it’s maximized

    1. Sanix

      @Meena Bassem
      I have also tried different switches like minimized, maximized, hide etc. but nothing is working. Will post an update when I find a solutions. Thanks a lot for letting me know. By the way your blog seems good but you haven’t posted for quite some time?

  2. Meena Bassem

    ok , tell me when you find something
    btw, about my blog, that was cuz i was busy with the exams , but they are over now,so you can expect some activity soon