Download Mozilla Firefox 5 Final Release (Direct Links)

Firefox 5 Final has been released ahead of the schedule. It was scheduled to be available for download on 21st June 2011 but it has been released ahead of time. I had previously written about Firefox 5 Beta features. The new Firefox Final is not yet available for download officially but it is available on Mozilla FTP servers.
I have already talked about the new features of Firefox 5. When upgrading to Firefox 5, you should keep in mind that many plugins will not be compatible  the latest version. Firefox 5 Final is a stable build and will bring more stability in addition to other improvements to the browser.

Download links for Mozilla Firefox 5 Final [FTP Links]

Download Firefox 5.0 for Windows [13363 KB]
Download Firefox 5.0 for Mac [14431 KB]
Download Firefox 5.0 for Linux [28471 KB]