10 Essential Free SEO WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging and WordPress plugins are there for spam control, SEO, photo galleries and many more features. Any website is incomplete without SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the most obvious way by which a website can be made popular. There are a number of SEO WordPress plugins available for this purpose. There are certain plugins that will allow you to attach videos and photos to the site. There are more than 10 SEO plugins available online but we focus on the best 10.

1) All in One SEO Pack

This plugin helps to optimize the WordPress Blog for Search Engines. It has some really good features that make it unique. This is a great tool for the beginners as it works without any complex configuration. You just need to install it and the job is done. It helps to avoid the duplicate content that is typically found on WordPress blogs. The All in One SEO Pack is the only plugin that supports full SEO integration for WP e-Commerce websites.

2) SEO Smart Links

It is a unique WordPress plugin that appreciates the SEO quotient of the blog and allows you to specify certain custom keywords that will be linked to any website. This helps to increase your search engine rankings. This plugin is usually used by casual bloggers and Internet marketers. The plugin also allows the user to handle affiliate links and other advanced options.

3) Super Tags

The Super Tags plugin is the most sought after for its customizable features. The widget is very helpful and it enables one to fully customize a number of Tag Clouds according to the specific needs.

4) Platinum SEO Pack

The Platinum SEO Pack is a complete SEO solution for the WordPress blog. It may look similar to one or two other SEO plugins but this one is packed with more features. With this plugin you can change your permalinks without any fear of a loss of page rank or Google penalty. It also generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically.

5) Google Sitemaps Generator

This plugin will generate sitemap of the WordPress blog that is fully compatible with the XML. The format is also supported by some of the leading search engines like Google and MSN Search. This plugin can help you to get indexed by the search engines that can be found at search engine watch blog.

6) SEO Ultimate

The SEO ultimate pack will give you total control over title tags, rich snippets, 404 errors, auto links and Meta tags. With the help of this plugin you can customize the homepage tag and format the tag of posts, pages and categories. You are also allowed to post titles at the beginning of the tag for an improved keyword SEO.

7) Greg’s High Performance SEO

The Greg’s High Performance SEO has more than 100 on-page SEO characteristics. This plugin is good for anyone who wants to help the search engines find their stuff. It is used by professional marketers and by anyone who wants a living by the web but may not suit the developers. It also includes a detailed usage guide that spreads over 5000 words and gives an introduction to WordPress SEO.

8) SEO Tools by SEO-Automatic

This plugin has some great SEO tools that will truly benefit your website. The ‘URL Checker’ is one of them which allow the users to run URL reviews for common search ranking factors like Title Tag and Description Tag. The ‘Keyword List Multiplier; is another in-built tool that allows the site visitors to create a combination of keyword lists.

9) Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO is one of the better content optimization tools available on the internet. It has the capacity to analyze web pages and online press releases. Scribe instructs the web writers on how to tweak the content to get more search engine traffic but at the same time strives to maintain a reader-specific content.

10) SEO Data Transporter

The plugin helps you to transfer your input SEO data from one theme to another. It is a well known fact that switching themes or dumping plugin are really difficult. The problem lies in the fact that themes and plugin store their input SEO in a different manner. However, SEO Data Transporter takes care of all these things. Just choose the platform from which you are moving away and the platform to which you are moving. Click on ‘analyze’ to check the compatibility of the records and elements and then click on ‘convert’ to make the conversion. It is that easy now.

Every web writer or blogger may not find all SEO packs useful. But these 10 are highly rated in the industry and we believe that if you are to pick and choose SEO packs then you can very well pick it from here.

Guest post by Diana Maria who is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on bicycle generator attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on diabetes type 1.