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  • Rename CD/DVD ROM Drive In Windows

    I was just going through DonationCoder which is a very good site about creating user submitted ideas for apps. I came across an app that could rename the all the drives in Windows. That’s really a cool tweak as usually we want to change the default name of our CD/DVD ROM drives. I have so […]

  • Download Internet Explorer 8 Final!

    Finally the final version of Internet Explorer 8 is out. It has been long awaited. I wrote about Internet Explorer 8 RC1 before. Internet Explorer 8 comes with a lot of new features and security enhancements. Some of the features from Microsoft site are given below: View any site with ease Now you can quickly […]

  • Opera 10 Alpha Download

    Opera 10 Alpha version is out for download. Opera Presto 2.2 is the newest rendering engine for the Opera browser. It provides significant improvements in speed, performance and security. It is claimed on the Opera site that this release of Opera will be 30% faster on the real web. Here some details and features from […]

  • Manage The Monitor Display Settings With Ease

    If we want to change the display settings of our monitor, it’s very hard to manage it using Windows. Either we have to go through the On Screen Display (OSD) settings of the monitor or we have to go to Control Panel –> Display Settings to alter different settings. Display Tuner is a free software […]

  • Move And Redirect Folders Easily

    Usually We Partition our Windows system drive such that we don’t have to run out of space for a long period of time but as the number of installed programs increase, the size of program files also increases. And the time comes when we have no space left in our system drive and we want […]

  • Block The USB Port In Windows Networks

    Most of the times it’s very crucial to block access to the removable media across the network. Network administrators have to go to each machine and block access to the USB ports. It’s really very annoying to go to each computer when there are a lot of computers. USB Blocker is a freeware software which […]

  • Monitor Your Folders For Changes

    A lot of times when I’m testing new softwares, I need to monitor the registry and some specific folders for changes. Otherwise if I want to know each and everything that was done to a specific folder after I left my computer, there is no Windows way of doing this. Windows doesn’t provide a lot […]

  • Organize Your Installed Software – Uninstall With Ease

    Windows Add/Remove Programs is not a very good tool to manage the Installed Softwares. We have already written about Revo Uninstaller which is a great and free alternative to Windows Add/Remove Programs. But today I have found out another great uninstall manager which is also free.

  • How To Recover Files From Corrupted/Scratched CD/DVD

    I was at my friend’s place and we have taken a CD ROM disk to watch a movie together. When I inserted the CD in my laptop’s drive and started playing in Windows Media Player, it gave an error that the media seems to be corrupt and Windows Media Player cannot play the file. VCD […]

  • 3 Ways To Find Unknown Device Drivers In Windows

    Device driver installation has always been a headache for most of the people. Either one thing or the other is always missing. Once we want to clean install Windows, we have to make sure that we have got all the device drivers for our system. If we miss some of the drivers, nothing works fine. […]