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  • Find Detailed System Information In Windows

    Finding software and hardware system information in Windows is always a daunting task because there is no central management of system information. The tool that Microsoft provides and is built into Windows is System Information tool which can be opened through Start –> Run –> msinfo32 Although it provides quite a bit of information but […]

  • 5 Ways To Kill Not Responding/Frozen Windows Apps

    ARKMS who owns a Spanish blog suggested me an app for killing the frozen and not responding Windows apps easily. I thought I’d better compile all my inventory of tools with similar functions. A program or software may stop responding due to several reasons including but not limited to hardware conflicts, lack of resources or […]

  • Portable System Information Tool

    As a systems administrator, I have to hop from one system to another and I have to keep an eye on the system information and configuration while I’m working on that system to better understand the way it is configured and troubleshooting also gets easier. In this mobile environment I need to have a portable […]

  • Test The Reliability Of Your Computer Hardware

    A friend of mine asked me that he wants to buy a new system and that I should help him buy one. I was confused as to how to test the system if we had to buy from another guy unknown to us. I searched for a software that could help me determining the reliability […]

  • Unlock Locked Storage Devices

    This article has been taken from a Spanish blog. Read it in Spanish here. Several times if our system is affected by a virus, when trying to open USB (hard drives, external disk, MP3, etc), we can not get access. The disk seems to be locked. To solve the problem is “Unlock Disk” program is […]

  • Install And Update All Donation Coder Softwares Automatically

    Donation Coder is a site where people give ideas and developers develop them. It’s a very good way of innovation because if one person has an idea and can’t program it into a software, donation coder is the way to go. I like donation coder softwares as they are free and are very handy in […]

  • Speed Up YouTube And Other Streaming Videos

    Yes! Now you don’t have to pause your videos so that they may buffer and then play. Speedbit has a solution for all the people who enjoy watching streaming videos online. With Speedbit Video accelerator, the videos get a smooth streaming and faster downloads from the server. Here are some of the features from the […]

  • Copy Network Files With Advanced options

    Previously we reviewed TeraCopy here which is a very good tool to replace the standard copy tool of Windows. One of Microsoft guy has released a utility called RichCopy which is a network copy utility. If you copy a lot of files from the network and you are suffering from low bandwidth and slow copy, […]

  • Download Paragon Partition Manager 9 Full With License

    The optimum allocation of disk resources is the key to managing data and operating systems effectively. You can easily and safely organize your hard drive with Partition Manager software. Partition Manager is the best tool available today! It provides flawless partitioning operations of all kind: merge, split  resize partitions and redistribute free space, initiate new […]

  • Monitor Your System With WinPatrol Security Monitor

    Out of a zillion security applications there are some softwares which stand aside with their uniqueness, their ease or use and the way they protect the systems from malatious attacks and viruses. If was can master one software which can truly monitor our system in real time, we don’t even need to install system bloating […]