Monitor Your Folders For Changes

A lot of times when I’m testing new softwares, I need to monitor the registry and some specific folders for changes. Otherwise if I want to know each and everything that was done to a specific folder after I left my computer, there is no Windows way of doing this. Windows doesn’t provide a lot of monitoring tools.
Folder Monitor is one tool which does this very thing of monitoring folders for specific changes . It can monitor for file changes, modifications, deletions and creation of new files.
Here are some of its features:

  • Monitor directories for file changes, modifications, deletions and new files.
  • Monitor local directories or network shares (including hidden shares).
  • Optionally execute an application when an event occurs.
  • Quickly tell if a directory is available and being monitored.
  • Balloon notifications whenever an event is fired.
  • Auto updating, import/export and more.
  • It requires Dotnet Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher and Windows Installer 3.1 at least.
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    2 responses to “Monitor Your Folders For Changes”

    1. mashakel

      very useful pro
      i was looking for something like that ..
      thank you

    2. balgha

      so useful tool, i can now know which files are renamed