Copy Network Files With Advanced options

Previously we reviewed TeraCopy here which is a very good tool to replace the standard copy tool of Windows.
One of Microsoft guy has released a utility called RichCopy which is a network copy utility. If you copy a lot of files from the network and you are suffering from low bandwidth and slow copy, just use this tool to copy multiple files across networks. Here’s the publisher’s description about the utility:

rich copy options

RichCopy realize high file copy performance by executing multiple copy tasks simultaneously. For example, filtering and comparison engine decide a file should be copied or not while directory search engine enumerate files and directories in source, and file copy engine copies files while filtering and comparison engine evaluating each files and directories. Each task are executed asynchronously, and each task distributes its task to multiple threads. This contributes to minimize the time that a task wait the result of another task. This is the logic of RichCopy and how to get the high performance.

RichCopy 4 Download



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