Find Detailed System Information In Windows

Finding software and hardware system information in Windows is always a daunting task because there is no central management of system information. The tool that Microsoft provides and is built into Windows is System Information tool which can be opened through Start –> Run –> msinfo32
Although it provides quite a bit of information but a lot of information is still missing. I wanted a portable tool that could provide me system information with easy to understand information gathering and organization.

Today I have found System Spec which is a portable tool for gathering system information. So we can take it in our USB drive and use it wherever we want.
The home screen shows a lot of information about the hardware installed but this is only a summary. If you want to see a detailed information about your hardware, then you have to go to other tabs like Memory, Display, Drives, CPU and a lot more. Just go on and you’ll be amazed how much information this small tool gives.
I was amazed to see the specs of my RAM. It also showed that I have two modules of RAM installed and information about both of them was given separately.
systemspec memory
And it has got loads of information about the hard drive too. It gives the information that, otherwise, is not very easy to get. Only techie people will be able to extract that information with the help of advanced system tools.
It was fun exploring this little tool in terms of size but it’s huge in terms of information.

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  1. stylo

    i want something like belarc advisor but no need to install.. can see the serial no of prog..