Monitor Your System With WinPatrol Security Monitor

Out of a zillion security applications there are some softwares which stand aside with their uniqueness, their ease or use and the way they protect the systems from malatious attacks and viruses.
If was can master one software which can truly monitor our system in real time, we don’t even need to install system bloating antivirus apps. But it’s all attached with our choice of the monitoring software and our expertise to use it.

A few days back I came across WinPatrol which is a free tool for monitoring the system . It got my attention because it could monitor almost every aspect of the system in real time and could report to us if any suspicious app was launched.
Overall I have found WinPatrol very useful for regular monitoring of the system. I’m still testing it. If anyone of the readers gets his hands on it, please let me know about your opinion. The only downside of WinPatrol in my opinion is that it’s not portable. These types of tools should be portable as techie people keep these tools in their USB drives for troubleshooting purposes.
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One response to “Monitor Your System With WinPatrol Security Monitor”

  1. Allen

    I used this software once, may be two years ago. The first impression was good. But later, I uninstalled it. Because there were a lot of pop up messages, very annoying. However, I haven’t tried the latest version.