Top 8 Social Media Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is pulling out all stops to become the most preferred browser ever, going by the range and usefulness of its extensions. Google knows where and how to pitch the winning throw. Social Media! What could possibly be dearer to the heart of the social networker than beautifully executed and useful social media extensions from Google Chrome? Check out the top 10 here and you’ll agree with us.

154 Blue Chrome Rain Social Media Icons

Google Chrome Share Button

Here’s a cool way to share webpages through your email, blogs and social networks. All you do is click the Google Chrome Share Button and from the drop-down menu, select the service you want. You’ll find all your used services at the top of the drop-down menu. Click the View more services option at the bottom of the Options menu to locate and view additional services.


Since TweetMeme’s ‘Retweet’ buttons are already everywhere, why do you need the TweetMeme extension as well? It’s like this; more than 175,000 websites have installed TweetMeme’s Retweet button. Still, there’s no guarantee that the button will be available just when you’re ready to share that hot link! What you do is install the TweetMeme Button Chrome Extension along, which ensures that wherever you go, a mini TweetMeme Retweet Button follows you, right in your Chrome toolbar.

The Google +1 Button

Once you install the Google +1 button, you can publicly +1 any page you visit, thereby declaring that the page is worth checking out. Google +1 helps your contacts to find the best stuff online. After you click +1, use the “Share on Google+” option to comment and discuss the website you’re sharing with a chosen circle. You can even store and manage all your +1’s in a new Google profile tab, accessible from


Use the AddThis Google Chrome Extension to share, print, translate and bookmark pages. Keep your pals on Twitter, Facebook and 300 other services updated on your web activities with one click. Here’s the best part; you can start small and then customize AddThis so it becomes everything you want in a sharing tool. All you do when you visit a page is, just right click and select AddThis from that webpage’s right click context menu.

Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync

Yes, you can already store your bookmarked URLs in the Google Chrome bookmark bar. So what’s the big deal? Just that this great extension gives you another bookmark bar in which you can actually create named folders and group all your bookmarked URLs! You can also copy the URLs from your Delicious Bookmark Bar to your Google Chrome Bookmark bar and vice versa, folder by folder. URL Shortener

Some URLs are so big at times that if you’re sharing them on a micro-blogging service, you will exceed the max character link without typing a single additional word! You absolutely need this extension if you like sharing links on your social media profiles or blogs. The URL Shortener extension takes any link and converts it into a simple, easy to forward link for your email, blogs, and social media sites.

Fittr Flickr

This Google Chrome Extension adds great keyboard shortcuts, allows you to copy short URL to clipboard, tag pictures as ‘autocomplete’, allows quick access to EXIF data and much more. Flickr fans love this extension as it allows them to customer EXIF quick fields. When you use this extension, if you’re viewing a Flickr image outside of Flickr, you can quickly get back to the main picture page on Flickr.


If you hate Ads (honestly, does anyone love them?), then you got to get hold of this cool Chrome Extension. It’s a free extension, and helps you block Ads that are recorded in a website’s database. Best of all, you can watch your YouTube videos and check messages on Facebook without being bothered by Ads if you use this extension. Want to make sure that a site is Ad free when you visit it? Just Click "Add to Chrome," from the context menu on your fav sites and get them added to the Adblock filter!

My Shortcuts

You can add custom URLs to your My Shortcuts to gain quick access to blogs or social profiles. My Shortcuts offers you instant access to your Google Contacts, Buzz, Gmail, Docs, Reader, Voice, Tasks and a host of other services. You can also quickly create a new event, email, presentation or spreadsheet using this extension.


Have multiple Google accounts such as Gmail, Google Analytics, Blogger, Picassa, and YouTube and so on? You need one tool to access them all smoothly. Get Symtica extension and make your social media and blogging tasks simpler. It’s a great tool for the busy blogger who has to interface with multiple accounts. Access to your AdSense and AdWords accounts will be implanted to Symtica soon.

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