Top 5 Free Must-Have Blackberry Apps For Kids

Some say that the Blackberry is a way of life. It is something that ties into everything you do, whether through communication, games or tools – designed specifically for the Blackberry platform. This way of life seeps into the lives of our kids as they love to model, learn and play with the things we deem important. The days where car keys are the highlight of a young child’s playtime are gone. Today, toys for kids come in all forms – including Blackberry phones.
Blackberry Is More Than a Babysitter
Considering there are thousands of apps to choose from, navigating the Blackberry world shouldn’t be done without a little research. We’ve taken this opportunity to show you the top 5 applications you must-have for your children – all for the better and none for the worse. They inspire, teach and entertain in a style that their generation will need to grow up with in order to keep up with our information revolution. More importantly, what parents need is something that reinforces their parenting ways and simplifies their busy schedule.
Here are our top five most innovative must-have free Blackberry applications for your kids:

1. ‘Shortcovers’ Is A Traveling Storyteller
Story-time is an exciting and often demanding interest of any young child. Whether riding in the car or resisting bedtime, this application is sure to capture the attention of any child, and reinforce the importance of self-initiative and self-care every growing child must learn. Shortcovers allows kids to browse a global marketplace of thousands of books at any place simply through a reach into your pant’s pockets, or even a little girl’s purse. By using favorites, even young children can quickly select from their parent’s approved and convenient reading list – providing hours of learned entertainment. Although the application is designed for the more mature reader, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to describe such applications as Shortcovers as the introduction pre-school level learning if not a great supplement to kindergarten growth spurts.
2. ‘Screen Muncher’ Offers Fun Activity Capture
Customizable to the punch of a screen button, Screen Muncher is the light and fun version of windows screen capture for your Blackberry phone. Perfect for entertaining your child, this application is also a great means for saving favorite game results and can act like a child-friendly bookmarking tool. Imagine the freedom to delegate your child’s desire for attention to a simple ‘munch it’ for alternatives to constant supervision. Screen Muncher offers a unique opportunity to explore your child’s activities for a time without distractions. This boost to quality time with your child, plus the thrill of your child’s laughter as Screen Muncher sounds out its ‘munching’ screen capture over and over is irresistible considering its freemium status. Combine that will social media integration, and your child’s personality becomes something of a celebrity in the making.
3. Sid Meier’s Pirates Gaming Engages For Strategic Thinking
How many times have you been caught in a hospital waiting room or a grocery checkout line with antsy children dying to engage themselves with something that meets your approval? With simple, child-friendly user interfaces that make the average challenge solvable by even younger children, Sid Meier’s Pirates is an engaging strategy-based game that integrates commerce, battle, and action into game-play that lasts for hours. Reminiscent of an earlier fad where kids could individualize the outcome of a story by the choices they make, Sid Meier’s Pirates allows different paths with unique win scenarios as you continue to accept challenges. This application is sure to build skills in strategic thinking and even resource management for application in a child’s school and home life.
4. Guitar Hero Mobile Capitalizes On Existing Fads
Kids who love to jam at home will grab at the opportunity to take strumming to the road. Capitalizing on the popular game system application Guitar Hero, the mobile version is like guaranteeing your return on investment for the purchase of a Blackberry phone. A simple search online regarding this hot Blackberry application reveals a loyal gaming community in place offering challenges and advice for maximum playing enjoyment. Kids will find its interface not a mere duplication but rather a reinvention of the same fun interaction. Built specifically for the Blackberry interface, strummers get to touch play built-in songs through standard phone buttons. Opening the Guitar Hero up to new song options, this mobile application is a surefire way to build hand-eye coordination and musical intuition on the go.
5. Blackberry Video Converter Lengthens the Entertainment Ratio
How many times has a simple 5 minute wait turned into the latest boredom rant from a child? The best app, of course, is always the one already built-in. Blackberry’s video capability is just waiting to be put to the test by children. All one needs, in this unique look at our top 5 apps, is the right resource to plug into. The top place to find quick entertainment in the form of an ongoing saga that can fill multiple five minute gaps is at and easily accessible through the Blackberry’s browser application – currently Opera Mini for owners of Blackberry phones other than the Storm. Visitors will find short and long clips of popular movies and clips that kids already love to follow at home. For those videos you have in formats other than Blackberry’s support MP4s, MediaCell Blackberry Video Converter 2.0 offers quality compression and speed for most popular video files.
Having all five of these top Blackberry applications is like getting the best kid-engaging package deal available on the market. By integrating these particular applications into your Blackberry phone, you exponentially increase its value between adult use and child entertainment.
By Rebecca Christman. Rebecca writes for Chit Chat – the Facebook chat software for your desktop. Basically, Chit Chat is a Facebook login program that facilitates users in sending messages on their desktop. Chit Chat supports Facebook emoticons and Facebook chat history.



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