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  • Common Problems in Online Storage Software and How to Fix Them

    Online storage software is a service whose time has definitely arrived. Online storage lets you store and restore the entire digital contents of your computer or smart phone. If you’re looking to store music, video files, or large documents, online storage makes more and more sense. Compared to local hard drives and flash drives, there’s […]

  • Key Features of Windows 8 That You Should Know

    Last month, Microsoft released a consumer preview of next generation Windows 8 OS. The company announced scores of features in the recent Build Conference held in Anaheim. In a nutshell, the features which are largely discussed and debated in various forms of media include Touch-screens support, Metro interface, enhanced performance and countless of features. Here, […]

  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The All New Gaming Experience With PS3

    Have you played the Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 fighting game ever? If you answered yes, then you have every reason to be happy, for Hori has finally introduced special arcade fighting sticks for those who own PS3 gaming console. This will not only accentuate your gaming experience but the fact that you now get […]

  • Download Little Fighter 2 PC Game Free

    Publisher: Little Fighter  Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 License: Freeware Type: Game Download: Download Little Fighter 2 Game Little Fighter 2 is a great PC game which is made as a sequel to Little Fighter 1. Up to 4 players can play the game on one computer or 8 players can play […]

  • Download Fifa Soccer 12 Game [Direct Download Link]

    EA Sports Fifa Soccer 12 has just been released for PC, XBOX and while PS3 users have to wait for a while to get their version of Fifa 12. The demo of Fifa 12 is already available for download. The demo is limited to kick off mode and three minute halfs. Here’s the publisher’s description: […]

  • 3 iPhone Games for People Who Love Words

    While Angry Birds is a perennial favorite among iPhone game addicts, sometimes you want to play some good old-fashioned word games. If you are someone who enjoys reading, writing, and being creative with words, and if you revel in the competition of playing against friends, acquaintances and strangers alike, then you’ll love these three word-related […]

  • Need For Speed Underground 2 Download

    Need For Speed Underground 2 is a part of the Need For Speed racing game series. Need For Speed Underground 2 continues where the racing left off in Need for Speed Underground with new improvements and enhancements. It is a must have game if you’re a racing lover. Basically this games takes you to street […]

  • Six Tips for Extending iPhone Battery Life

    A guest article by Sachin from Powertraveller. For those who rely on their iPhone for business and work, extending the battery life of their phone can be an essential requirement rather than a source of mere inconvenience. Carrying an additional battery or using a solar battery charger are supplementary steps you can take to ensure […]

  • Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever Game Free Download

    If you’re a fan of games and have been playing games since the olden days of Nintendo, you’ll be familiar with Mario Bros which was a very popular game of that time. You also can’t forget Super Mario 3: Mario Forever, one of the best and addictive games of its time. Super Mario was made […]

  • How To Download And Play Angry Birds Game On Windows 7

    Angry Birds is a very popular game of iPhone. The good news is that Angry Birds is now available for Windows. Yes now you can play your favorite game on your Windows XP and Windows 7 machines. The initial release of the game includes 195 levels which can be extended with free updates after purchasing […]