Easily Overclock Your System Including RAM, AGP And CPU

Every gamer and even a geek wants to extract each and every drop of juice from their systems. All the systems are optimized for running at a specific speed but that speed can be increased through a way called overclocking. Wikipedia defines overclocking as follows:

Overclocking is the process of running a computer component at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was designed for or was specified by the manufacturer, usually practiced by personal computer enthusiasts seeking an increase in the performance of their computers.

More details about what is overclocking can be have from here.

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Portable System Information Tool

As a systems administrator, I have to hop from one system to another and I have to keep an eye on the system information and configuration while I’m working on that system to better understand the way it is configured and troubleshooting also gets easier. In this mobile environment I need to have a portable System Information tool which gives a detailed overview of the system software as well as hardware. Windows built-in tools are not good enough to rely on.
SIW comes handy in this situation. SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows tool that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely comprehensible manner.

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How To Find Old Versions Of Software

There are times when we want to stick with the old software to which we are used to. We just don’t want to go for those newer ones which are more fancy and rather take up more resources from our system’s limited horsepower and they provide us with functionality which we don’t need. So we prefer to stick on to our favorite versions. But the reality is that the software vendors always want people to use the latest versions of their software. So they make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to get the old versions of the software. But there are some sites dedicated only to providing the older versions of popular software. I had a list of three sites where I mostly go to find out my favorite software.

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Organize Your Disk Space Graphically

What if we could see our hard drive contents like the map of the earth? everything visual with the names of the countries and other important information in it. Then, like seeing the earth globe we can figure out how big Russia is and how many islands islands Japan has, we could easily figure out what was the biggest folder on our drive and how many files a folder contained :-).
This was only a perception in my mind till today but today I have found my dream come true :-). I have found one software that visually displays the map of the drives in our system. Its name is SpaceMonger.

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Security Tools: Hijackthis Part 1

What is Hijackthis?

Hijackthis, abbreviated as HJT, is a system analysis and spyware removal tool for Microsoft Windows. It was created by Merjin Bellekom and acquired by Trend Micro which is know for its security solutions like anti-virus etc.

Download and Install:

First of all, download Hijackthis from the following URL:
Download Trend Micro Hijackthis
It’s current version is 2.0.2. Download the installer from the above link.
Install Hijackthis and run the application.


First it will ask for a user agreement, accept it.
And then you will get a screen like this:

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The Funny Techie Abbreviations

No longer A Possible Solution To Escape Record-buying

Technology Without Any Important Name

People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

It Still Does Nothing

Arrogance Produces Profit Losing Entity

System Can’t See It

Defective Operating System

Bill’s Attempt to Seize Industry Control

I Blame Microsoft (or conversely “I Build Macs”)

Do Expect Cuts

Consumer Device-Rendered Obsolete in Months

Obsolete Soon Too

World Wide Wait


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The Best Email Client – DreamMail

DreamMailI don’t like outlook express as it isn’t good at retrieving mail from my yahoo and other web based accounts except hotmail.. Recently I was looking for an email client that could do everything for me .. at least what I wanted. And I came across this email client–DreamMail–It seems to be the best from what I’ve been using so far.. Here are the details about DreamMail:

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