How To Find Old Versions Of Software

There are times when we want to stick with the old software to which we are used to. We just don’t want to go for those newer ones which are more fancy and rather take up more resources from our system’s limited horsepower and they provide us with functionality which we don’t need. So we prefer to stick on to our favorite versions. But the reality is that the software vendors always want people to use the latest versions of their software. So they make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to get the old versions of the software. But there are some sites dedicated only to providing the older versions of popular software. I had a list of three sites where I mostly go to find out my favorite software.
The first site where I go to find the old versions of software is A quick look at the site reveals that it has got about 2421 versions of 181 programs. You will find versions of almost all the popular free software here. Some of the most popular software that this site serves are:
Bearshare Lite 5.2.5
MSN Messenger 7.5
Yahoo Messenger 7.0
LimeWire 4.12.6
Yahoo Messenger
Bearshare Lite 5.1.0
AOL Instant Messenger 5.9.3861
MSN Messenger 8.0.0812
Windows Media Player 10
Internet Explorer 6.0
The second site for finding the older versions of software is This site is also as good as the first one. It currently provides about 2822 versions of 193 programs. The most popular software provided by this site are:
iTunes 6.0.5
BearShare Lite 5.2.5
MusicMatch 10
iTunes 7.2
LimeWire 4.12.6
SnagIT 7.2.5
Yahoo Messenger 7.5
LimeWire 4.12.6
AIM 5.9.3861
MSN Messenger 7.5
Ares Galaxy 2.09
WinMX 3.53
The third and the last site which I know about for finding the old versions of popular software is I don’t visit this site much as I mostly find most of my favorite software from the above sites. But certainly this is also in my bookmarks. If I can’t find the software version from the above two sites, I will go to this site and search for my software. It’s most popular software which it serves are:
Yahoo Messenger 7.0
Kazaa Lite 2.4.3
LimeWire 4.0.7
Yahoo Messenger 6.1922
Morpheus 3.1
If you know of any other site from where we can get the old versions of software, please let us know. We will share it with everybody.



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  1. aslipagal

    Yes, you have given good solution for the problem of finding old versions, I also have a very easy solution. Visit , here you will find all software needed for daily use of a normal person with no ads or stuff like that. In the download section of each software, under the link of download you will find the links of all the previous versions of the softwares. I hope it helps.

  2. Sanix

    aslipagal, filehippo is also a great service which gives the version history of most of the software. Another add to the list of old version grabbers 🙂

  3. download is also a great site with all old download.thanks