Universal USB Installer–Make USB Bootable

If you have a laptop or a computer which doesn’t include a CD/DVD ROM, it will be almost impossible to install any new Operating System except for the one that is already installed. One other way to install the Operating System is to use a USB drive to install the Operating System but you’ll need to make the USB drive bootable. I have already written about Plop which can make any USB drive bootable even without BIOS support.

Universal USB Installer includes almost all kinds of bootable items including Operating Systems and bootable Troubleshooting tools. The list of installable stuff is very long and includes tools from almost all Linux and UNIX distros including Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Backtrack, OpenSUSE, Puppy Linux, Windows Operating Systems (Windows Vista and Windows 7) and troubleshooting tools like Hiren’s Boot CD, Acronis Rescue CD, Kon Boot, OphCrack etc. Universal USB Installer is a portable utility and is available for Windows only. So you can install any tool in your USB drive using Universal USB Installer.

Universal USB Installer Setup

Since most of the tools are free or open source, Universal USB Installer will give you an option to select the path of the installation if you have it on your computer or it can download it for you. You just have to check the checkbox next to the drop down list after selecting your distro. Or if you have the setup of your distro in the same folder as Universal USB Installer, it will automatically detect it and will skip the step of choosing the path of the distro.

Universal USB Installer Kon Boot

You should plug in your USB drive first before starting Universal USB Installer otherwise it will not be able to detect it automatically. After installation is complete, you can boot your computer with the USB drive and do whatever you want.

Download Universal USB Installer