Security Alert: Twitter Leading To Malware Sites

In the past few days a large number of links were posted on Twitter in the form of shortend URLs, mostly from the Google’s shortening service The text contained words like “cool, “very nice” and Google’s search page has done it again”.

When clicked on the link, it took the user to malicious site which would pretend to inform the user that it had found many viruses and would advise the user to install a security software called SecurityShieldFraud. This is a malware app which contacted other servers. No further information is available about the behavior of the app.
While all the links on Twitter leading to the malicious sites have been blocked, it is important for users to use Twitter with care. While Twitter can display the original link address if we hover the cursor over any shortened link on Twitter, third party services like Untiny can be used to see the original link of any shortened URL.