The Missing Lync of Office Professional Plus 2010

Upon setting out to evaluate Microsoft Lync as a communicator, the first thing needed was a copy of Lync 2010. Surely then I could feed in my Microsoft ID and I would connect to the marvellous world of Microsoft Lync, also known as ‘not Messenger’. Not Shipping with Professional Plus 2010 The first hurdle I … Read more

Find Emails And Documents Faster With Lookeen

lookeen_logo (RGB) Lookeen is a Microsoft Office add-in compatible Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. The basic purpose of Lookeen is to find emails and conversations faster. Although we have Microsoft’s own Instant search plugin for Outlook and also Xobni which we have reviewed earlier. I got a comment in the same article suggesting about Lookeen which I had never heard of before so I tried it out and here’s what I have found out about Lookeen.

lookeen2010_screen outlook2010 3

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Full Download Of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta Setup

windows live essentials Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta. this version of Windows Live Essentials include the following programs:

Windows Live Family Safety
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Live Sync
Bing Bar
Windows Live Writer
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack
Messenger Companion
Microsoft Silverlight

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Convert PDF Files To Powerpoint Presentations

Today I got an email from Sandy, a regular reader of Technize. She had suggested a wonderful tool to convert PDF files into Powerpoint presentations. It is actually an online tool in which we have to upload the PDF files and in return it’ll email the converted files back to us.

convert pdf to powerpoint

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Convert Docx To Doc Online For Free

docx to docDoc is the format that Microsoft Word uses to save Microsoft Word files. In Microsoft Word 2007, Docx format was introduced. The problem is that previous versions of Microsoft Word like Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier cannot read the documents created with Docx format. Microsoft has given a compatibility pack for Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier so that the new formats like Docx, Xlxs, Pptx etc can be read through the earlier version of Office. This compatibility pack is only for reading those newer formats. If you want to create documents in those new formats, you’ll have to go for Microsoft Office 2007.

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Insert More Than 16 Digits In Excel Cell

Yesterday I got a phone call from my friend. He asked me he was trying to enter some serial numbers of SIM cards in excel cell. Those numbers were of 19 digits length. He told me, the digit of sixteenth place and onwards changed to zero. I tried the same. He was right.
To overcome the issue I changed the cells format to text rather than number. It worked. Now if you enter number containing more than 15 digits it remain same as you entered. Because the value you entered is now considered as a text.

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Get Tabs In Microsoft Office Applications

The optimization of the working space of Computer desktop has always been in business. Everybody wants to optimize the desktop space such that the productivity increases more and more. The browser was is going on for a while and tabbed browsers were the ones which made life easier for the people who open a lot of websites at the same time. The tabs open in the same window hence reducing the clutter in the taskbar.
But Microsoft Office applications have remained the same. For example if I want to open a new Word document, another instance of Word will be displayed in the taskbar. Microsoft Windows XP came up with taskbar grouping but that was not as good as tabbed windows.

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Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Printing

In the previous lessons, we became familiar with the new interface of Microsoft Word 2007. We also learned how to create, open and save document and the options involved. Today we are going to discuss about printing. It’s really simple to configure printing options in Microsoft Word 2007. We can print an open document by going to office button –> Print. There are three options in Print Menu.
1- Print – If you select the first option, which is print, it will give you the print dialog where you can configure different options. We will see that in detail later.
2- Quick Print – If you select quick print, it will just use the default settings and will print the document directly. It will not ask you of any configuration settings. So if you have configured your printing settings, then you can easily print using Quick Print option as it will be faster.
3- Print Preview – Print preview will give you

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