7 Useful And Free Outlook Add-Ons Enhancing Productivity

Although there are many Outlook alternatives, both free and paid, Microsoft Outlook but Outlook remains the most widely used app for email client. I have already written about Outlook alternatives before. Long ago I have written about DreamMail which is also very good. Today I am sharing with you all the add-ons of Outlook that I have been collecting from time to time.

1- Outlook On Desktop – DeskTask


DeskTask is a very good Outlook add-on that displays your calendar and tasks on the desktop. It is useful in the sense that your tasks will always be visible on the desktop.

2- drop.io Outlook Plugin

drop.io outlook plugin

This Outlook add-on is really very exciting. It enables you to attach and send attachments up to 100 MB to anywhere. The good thing about it is that no registration is required to use the drop.io service. Just install the add-on and start attaching large files.

3- Xobni

xobni logo

Xobni is so far my favorite add-on of all the Outlook add-ons. It does one great thing very well. It creates relevance to our emails that we can find it in gmail. When we click on an email from one contact, all the previous conversations with that contact are displayed in the Xobni window.

4- Forgotten Attachment Detector


The Forgotten Attachment Detector (FAD) checks your email for keywords indicating that you’re sending an attachment and will alert you if you don’t have anything attached in the email.

5- Easy2Add


Easy2Add is a useful little add-on which can make your task very easy if you use Outlook events and to-do tasks frequently.

6- OutSync


OutSync is a pretty useful add-on if you use Facebook because it will download the pictures of your friends from Facebook if they are also in your Outlook contact list. So next time you search for a contact, you’ll see their latest picture.

7- Outlook Personal Folders Backup

outlook personal folders backup

Last but not least, backup is always an important aspect in every matter. With Outlook Personal Folders Backup, you can automatically backup your .pst files which contain all you Outlook data.

If you know about any other useful and productive Outlook add-on, kindly let me know through comments.