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  • How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Word 2007?

    Microsoft Word 2007 is enriched with many outstanding and useful features that leads to efficient management of your documents. With the help of Word 2007, you can download template documents by connecting to the Internet, latest clip arts, online dictionary and images directly from the Microsoft Office official website. Already built templates are quite handy […]

  • How To Hide/Unhide Columns/Rows/Cells In Microsoft Excel 2007

    Excel spreadsheets are very often being shared so you don’t want complete data in the sheet to be shared/printed. For this purpose, there is hide/unhide utility in Excel 2007. Hide the Column/Row 1- Select the column/row with left click and then right click will give you the option to hide the column.

  • 5 Ways To Save An Excel 2007 Workbook

    I was searching for how many ways we can save an excel workbook. It’s always interesting to know more ways to save as we can use any one of them whenever we feel easy. Let’s discuss the ways I have discovered. 1- Save To save a document, just click on the Office Orb button on […]

  • How To Fix Images Not Displaying In Microsoft Word 2007

    Recently one of my colleagues came to me complaining about malfunctioning Microsoft Word document. He was saying that his Microsoft Word 2007 was not showing any images. He downloaded the document multiple times but to no avail. He also tested the document on another machine but the document was opening fine on the other machine […]

  • How To Enable Insert Key In Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2010

    Microsoft Word versions previous to Word 2010 and Word 2010 and even Windows WordPad had an option to overwrite the text if we press the Insert key before typing anything. Things have changed in Microsoft Word 2007 and onwards. Now there is an Insert Mode which works in the same way as pressing insert key […]