5 Major Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer For Blog Posting

Windows Live Writer is the right thing to choose for all the bloggers out there. Blogging has now become an essential part of life of several writers. Through their blogs, they are able to express themselves. This eventually brings loads of writing opportunities for them. Before moving further, we would like to explain you a little about Windows Live Writer.
What is Windows Live Writer?
Windows Live Writer, also written as WLW, is software that allows us to make posts to our blogs simply from our desktop. The post editor of this software is easy to use and simple. Here you will find out ten reasons to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs.
Images and videos can be uploaded easily
The two top reasons for using Windows Live Writer are that images and videos can be uploaded very easily. One can make his or her pictures look good by using various borders, effects and watermarks. One can easily view some of the sample pictures on internet where they are presented having several effects. Similarly videos can also be uploaded easily. Using Windows Live writer, one can post his or her video files to soapbox and YouTube. The existing YouTube videos can be embedded on your blog posts.
Enjoy Offline editing and availability of plug-ins
If you have worked as a professional blogger then you must have seen how important is offline editing to them. Windows Live Writer provides offline editing to all its users. You can enjoy live preview of feature. The fourth reason to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs is the availability of various kinds of plug-ins. Plug-ins that match the needs of the users, can be used instantly.
Multiple posts making and use of code plug-in and table plug-in
Top fifth reason to use Windows Live writer for blog posting is multiple posts making. Yes, it is very easy to use different copies of this software. This allows the bloggers to make posts in multiple ways. Use of Code plug-ins and Table Plug-ins is the sixth important reason to use Windows Live Writer. The plug-ins allows the bloggers to insert codes and tables in their blogs.
Enjoy options for the Hyper Links and edit old postings
While using Windows Live Writer, the bloggers can give various titles to each link of this software. The bloggers can also edit their old postings and can create new ones using this software.
Save and open drafts online and publish them when you need
The two best reasons for using Windows Live Writer is to save and open your drafts online and you can publish your postings easily. One can find several issues related to Windows Live Writer use. Using this software, you can deny or allow pings, you can add tags and you can even add a summary. Publish your posts when ever you feel like, else save them as a draft only and publish later on.
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  1. Great information i will try this windows live writer. thanks for the post.

  2. If you haven’t heard: Windows Live Writer may be disontinued soon. Scott Lovegrove has posted an online petition to “Save Windows Live Writer” [http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/dontkillwlw]. If you love the program, please sign the petition and spread the word!