Top 3 Online Backup Services With Free Storage

Everyone of us needs to backup our important data in one form or another. It’s always important to choose the safest method of backing up the important data. I create multiple backups of my important data i.e., I backup data in my external drive, burn it on a DVD ROM disk and backup online.
Automatic backups are always a good thing because in manual backups we tend to forget to backup our files. Here are some of my favorite online services that provide online backup facilities for free.

(Bonus) Online Backup Technology

backup-technology-logoBackup Technology is an enterprise level data backup technology service which provides 10GB to 1TB of space depending on your requirements. It’s features includes the following features:
* Dedicated online backup account manager.
* Guaranteed online backup service levels, with full monitoring 24/7.
* Agentless Asigra software simplifies online backups and restores.
* Full technical support including e-mail, phone and remote assistance.
* Continuous data protection of files and e-mails.
* Hot database and open file backup.
* Bare metal high speed restores of entire servers.
* Fully secure UK data centres with full replication.
* No hidden costs.


mozy logo
Mozy is the most well known company which offers a free online backup service up to 2 GB of space. Its software is also not all the resource hog and is easy to use. You just have to signup with the service, download and install the software and then select the folders you want to backup. Mozy takes care of the rest.


idrive logo IDrive is a similar service to Mozy. It also offers 2GB free online backup space. It’s software is also easy to install and use. It’s software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can do an automatic or manual backup as well. It also offers a web based file management system.


adrive logo I’m currently testing this service. What actually attracted me to this service was the amount of space they offer for free. They are offering a wooping 50GB online space for backups. We can also do file sharing, search within our files online. We can also upload the whole folder at once. It offers Zoho Editor for editing the online files.






10 responses to “Top 3 Online Backup Services With Free Storage”

  1. lodepois

    FTP support to upload
    Unlimited filesize and BW
    60 days of retention (if no download)
    100% FREE 😉

  2. Max

    To: lodepois
    So how do I sign up for an account with, (or whatever allowed use of the service may be called there if not “account”)? I’ve been to the site and cannot find anything that says “join” or “sign up” or “register” or anything like that.
    Of course, I’m using Google to translate the page for me from French to English, and the Google translator leaves much to be desired, so maybe I’m just missing something that’s not coming across in the translation.
    Anyway, how do I sign up for the service?

  3. Abhay

    to: max
    first of all there is language options on the upper-right corner of the page, where u can see 3 flags just click on the american flag(the middle one) and u’ll be able to see the page in englisg
    And second just below the flags there is a login option just click there and u’ll find the register option, thats all.

    1. Sanix

      Thanks a lot for sharing the link. It seems good. I’ll try it for my files.

  4. Windy

    Well i think http://www.safecopybackup is also good.It is the one i use and i have never complained.The services offered are so reliable and cost effective.With safecopy backup i can backup multiple computers on one account with out paying for each computer.Unlike other backup solution where one has to pay for each computer.

  5. homie

    here an Online Storage Backup comparison engine:

  6. Benji

    Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox. Best interface also with easy desktop client

  7. Benji

    Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox.With best interface and desktop client.

  8. Brad

    Dropbox is a good software for sharing files and SafeCopy backup is good for backing up files.I use the two because both backing up and file sharing is so great with the two services.

  9. Robins

    Guys thanks for writing comments about SafeCopy.Just tried out the 3GB a month ago and the software is just too good.Mozy is good too but kind of costly.