Rename multiple items in Windows

There will be times when you want to rename multiple files and folders together. Renaming each item separately will be a whole mess. So here is a cool technique for renaming multiple items together. There are two ways of doing it: one involving the mouse and the other with the keyboard only.
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Increasing the attachment size limit in Zimbra

While working with Zimbra, I figured out today that I needed to increase the attachment size limit of the message to send larger messages. The default attachment size limit is 10MB. Even if the attachment is a little less than 10MB, it won’t send quoting the same error that the maximum message size is crossing the limits. This is because of the fact that Zimbra will encode the message into base-64 encoding. With base64-encoding, the message size becomes larger than 10MB. So here is the command

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Opening Linux folders in the same window

One of the problems I face when in GUI linux is that all the folder windows open seperately .. I was looking for a solution for this and found out this cool technique.. Whenever you open a folder within the folder windows, press

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Folder Options missing in Windows XP

After a virus attack in one of my client machines, the folder options from the windows explorer was missing and we were unable to show all the files including the hidden ones. So here’s what I did to restore it back:
Go to Run –>gpedit.msc
User Configuration –> Administrative

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Who is connected to my linux system

If you want to see which users are connected to your linux box, the “who” command can let you do the magic. The output will be like below: [root@localhost ~]# who root     :0           2007-03-12 04:17 dan     pts/1        2007-03-16 07:07 ( So here two users named root and dan are connected to my linux box.

Zimbra Mailbox restore

I was thinking of reinstalling my mail server machine. So I thought of backing up my Zimbra server .. and the backup was a mess .. the only thing I could save was the store folder. So I installed new fedora core and then setup a Zimbra server. Then followed the following steps to restore … Read more

How to find out Hard drive space usage in Linux

I was reading through blogs and found out a very nice tip about finding out the space we’re using in a linux system .. so here’s the command: du -hs / | sort -nr | more  (This shows the total space usage of the system) powered by performancing firefox

More info on Zimbra

I recently installed Zimbra in my office. Zimbra is actually a mail server that includes many other utilities like calender etc. The benefit of using Zimbra is that you don’t have to install whole bunch of tools separately like the mta, mda, the front end pages etc. So you only have to install Zimbra and … Read more