Zimbra Mailbox restore

I was thinking of reinstalling my mail server machine. So I thought of
backing up my Zimbra server .. and the backup was a mess .. the only thing I
could save was the store folder. So I installed new fedora core and then setup a
Zimbra server. Then followed the following steps to restore all my mails from my
previous mailboxes:
Go to the store backup folder, ignore incoming go the 0 folder .. keep on
going until you find all the mailboxes numbered from 1 and onwards. Figure out
the username for the folder by opening the text files (These text files are the
mails). Copy all these mails to the account (store folder in the current Zimbra
installation. Most probably it would be like /opt/zimbra/store). Go through the
folders until you find your destination folder (the mailbox folder under which
you want your mails to be displayed). Make sure all the files in the folder are
owned by zimbra). If not, you can use this command (Fedora)
#chown -R
zimbra:zimbra /
Then follow the steps below:
At the shell prompt:
#su zimbra
user@domain.com password
mbox user@domain.com>addMessage INBOX
(/opt/zimbra/store/0/2/msg/0 is the
path to the destination mailbox)
It will start adding the mails to the mailbox until done.
Now the problem I’m facing is that when I see the mails in the mailbox, their
time of arrival is crumbled .. it shows the time modified instead of time
created. Anyone having a solution ??





4 responses to “Zimbra Mailbox restore”

  1. Dan K.

    Before you insert the mail messages into the new mailbox, add an extra header line “X-Zimbra-Received” with the same content as the “Date” header on the message. The Zimbra server will use *that* as the “received” time rather than the current time.

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