Folder Options missing in Windows XP

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After a virus attack in one of my client machines, the folder options from the windows explorer was missing and we were unable to show all the files including the hidden ones. So here’s what I did to restore it back:

Go to Run –>gpedit.msc
User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> Windows Explorer
Enable and then Disable “Removes Folder Options menu from Tools menu
Close all windows explorer windows and then open again.. most probably your folder options is back 🙂

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  • cool site you have here. you have actually helped me on something i have been trying to figure out for a while. I am no computer wiz so i will check back periodically for help. thanks!

  • Sheryza, I will be glad to help you in any IT related matter. You can ask me through email or from this site. And, *ahem ahem* this offer is for each and every of my visitor. I haven’t announced this service officially on the blog but will be announcing soon.

  • I recently had a virus attack, and according to McAfee it was a Trojan Virus.
    I am not able to see the Folder Options in Windows Explorer, I tried using the above method to get them back but unfortunately it didn’t work.
    When I type in gpedit.msc I get “file not found message” is there any other way to get them back?

  • Hmm .. which version of windows are you using?

  • You can use the full path to the file if you are using Windows XP or 2000. Go to C:\Windows\System32\gpedit.msc where C: is your system drive.

  • I am using Windows XP Home Edition

  • I was looking at some other forums and according to them gpedit.msc is not available in XP Home. It suggests using regedit instead, but don’t know how to make the settings from there.

  • Ok .. that seems simple then .. Just go to Start –> Run –> regedit. The registry editor will open. Go to the following key:

    In the right hand pane, see if there is a value called NoFolderOptions

    If yes then change it’s value to 0.

    1 means hide options and 0 means show options.

  • I don’t see a value “NoFolderOptions” in the right hand pane. All I see there is “(Default)” with no data value.

  • If you don’t see any NoFolderOptions then you should create a DWORD named NoFolderOptions and put 0 as it’s value. That means you’re forcing the explorer to show folder options.

  • No Luck!!! Tried the above. It is still not showing the options.

  • Did you restart the explorer after applying the tweak?

  • It Worked!! After restarting the computer. Thanks a lot.
    Appreciate your help.

  • I’m glad that you solved your problem .. just stay in touch and keep providing feedbacks.

  • My machine became infected with Brontak and although I had Sophos installed it still managed to do quite a bit of damage – thanks to you, I have my View Folder option back (I ALWAYS forget how to load the Group Policy Editor!) so many thanks to you. 😀

  • wat a great blog you hav here! you have finaly helped me figure out something I have been fighting with for a long tym now! keep it up!

  • after I was attacked by a virus when ever I start my PC windwos explorer opens up automaticaly! how do I stop this?

  • You should your startup items through msconfig to see if explorer.exe is loading in startup.. To open msconfig, go to Run –> msconfig –> startup. Make sure that no explorer is loading at your system startup.

  • Christopher Woods and stvmule, glad to have you here .. just keep visiting and drop me a line or two if you have any suggestions about the blog.

  • Thanks a Lot for this Nice Solution..

  • wow……..
    Its really good to know faster resolution to the problem whatever faced by user.

  • sorry to say this, but still i am not able to solve it

  • Thanks jatt and Makarand, I will need some constructive feedback from you people to make this blog more effective in solving your problems.

    Hey UMA Ka, can you explain your situation? What happened to you and what did you do .. so that I may be able to help you more..

  • Thanks a lot Sanix … i actually countered the same “folder option virus” ,i go thru the steps u post earlier ,it works fine and it is solved … thanks again bro … peace ^^

  • Even I had the same problem of Folder options missing,…
    when I try to fix the problem as u have mentioned above…
    that is opening gpedit.msc my computer is getting restarted…. I am going mad.. even when I try to open the regedit.exe the same thing occurs…. Please help me out…..

  • Thank you very much – your solution (gpedit.msc) just saved me hours of work

  • Cheers Raj and NoRa, I’m so excited it helped you.
    Bharath, your system is probably still infected with a virus. Please use any of the online virus scanner to scan all you system. Here is some information about some of the free online virus scanners.

  • i was in search of this article(Folder Option disapear) for the long time.one of mine friend has send me this.
    it was really nice to see this.

    thanx alot

  • thanks, it really worked very well.

  • tat’s it! the site i was looking at!

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