Folder Options missing in Windows XP

After a virus attack in one of my client machines, the folder options from the windows explorer was missing and we were unable to show all the files including the hidden ones . So here’s what I did to restore it back:
Go to Run –>gpedit.msc
User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> Windows Explorer
Enable and then Disable “Removes Folder Options menu from Tools menu
Close all windows explorer windows and then open again.. most probably your folder options is back 🙂





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  1. vv

    im using xp this trick in not working
    any help

  2. kalipada acharya

    thank u so much for helping me to restore my folder options

  3. Jake

    Thanks!!! I have just recovered my missing Folder option

  4. Brad M

    This only works for windows xp Professional Users. For others you must use the registry edit.

  5. Paul

    Thanks very much, this worked like a charm, my file extensions are BACK

  6. aman

    thanks a lot.
    It works!!!!!!!!

  7. Balanat

    Thanks, really did work

  8. niraj

    thanks dude was really helpful.

  9. Shinobu

    OMG!! Thank god it worked!! This is a very cool and helpful site!!

  10. Susana

    I don´t have a Windows Explorer option under
    User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –>
    Does that mean, the virus got rid of that too? What can I do?

  11. FadiHumzz

    I LOVE YOU …… YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Paul

    I`m lost 4 words…ur the BEST!!

  13. dy

    it works!!
    thanks!! 🙂

  14. Youmma

    Thanks, I shouldn’t be surprised how many
    people are ready to help each other

  15. Ken

    Thanks! it works perfectly! i was searching for the way to solve this for a long time. finally i got it. =)

  16. Aashutosh

    Thanx Dude U Fixed My Full System

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  18. Dhruv

    thankx dude it really worked

  19. Mehedi

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  20. Anthony

    Worked perfect, many thanks!!!

  21. Acip

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  22. Amol

    Thanks It Works…

  23. prabhu

    actually i suffered without folder option in my computer…. based on your suggestion i got my folder option in windows xp…. Thanks for your suggestion…………..

  24. justin

    gpedit.msc failed to initialize.. fatal exception

  25. benino

    I navigated to
    “User Configuration->Administrative templates->Windows Components”
    and then got stuck. there is no “Windows Explorer” element. 🙁 Any suggestions?

  26. munna gupta

    thanks buddy u solved my problem…

  27. Hagos

    folder option is not found & regedit is not working.i am getting in to trouble can u please help me?

  28. Rouswell worked for me!.

  29. Aname

    Very helpful, cheers! 

  30. Izudin

    thanks man you are a PC Doctor 😀 😉

  31. govind tvs

    yes ……..this is working……….

  32. Wacko Praveen

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    this web site is superb,
    or i will say ur the pc docter,s

  33. myst

    thank you very much. it saved me from a very bad situation.

  34. Susana

    Running gpedit.msc didn’t work, because there was no Windows Explorer option.
    Running regedit, I added the NoFolderOptions with 0, then rebooted my computer, and it still doesn’t work. There is also a HonorAutorunSetting = 0x1 and a (standard) type SZ, (value not set).

  35. Karan

    hey thx dear…
    it Works…. i was so tierd to find options for it n finally i got 1… thnx… 🙂


    thank you so much it worked in my computer

  37. akemiportilla