Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Saving Documents

In the previous lesson, we learned how to create new documents and open existing documents. In this lesson, we are going to have a look at the saving options of Microsoft Word 2007.

The New File Type docx:

The versions of Microsoft Word prior to version 2007 used the extension as .doc. Now in the new Microsoft Word, it has been changed to docx. Docx uses open xml specification to save the documents resulting in reduced size of the documents and making it easier for the developers.

Saving a document:

To save a document, go to office button –> Save.
If you want to save a copy of the document (which will not overwrite the existing document), you should select Save As option. If it is a new document, selecting Save will automatically open the Save As dialog so that you can specify the name of the document and the place where you want to store it.
The shortcut for saving a document is Ctrl – S.
The shortcut for Save As dialog is


Saving a document in different file formats:

With Microsoft Word 2007, you can save your document in a number of formats such as docx, doc, html, rtf, txt, xml etc. To choose a different file format, just go to office button –> Save As –> In the dialogbox, select the file format from the combo box “Save as type”.

Changing the Save Options:

If you want to change the default Save Options, you can simply go to the office button –> Word Options –> Save
In the Save Options, you can change the default save format. So if you want to save your documents in .doc format by default, select .doc from the combo box and press OK.
You can also specify the autosave time. So whatever time you specify, Word will automatically save your documents after that time interval. For example, if you specify 5 min as Autosave time, then Word will automatically save your documents every five minutes.
You can also choose to whether to embed the fonts you’re using in the document itself. This will make sure that the intended viewer will view the document with the original fonts. Otherwise, if the fonts that you used are not installed in the viewer’s system, Word will automatically display your document in the default system fonts.
This ends our discussion about Saving a document in Microsoft Word 2007 and we also looked at different Saving options available with the new Word 2007. Please provide me with your valuable feedback. If you have not been able to understand anything or it needs correction, please let me know. In the next lesson, we will look at the different Printing options available in Microsoft Word 2007 . Till then, be happy stay tuned :-).



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