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  • How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages and Emails?

    Exchanging messages has become so popular today! Whether you use the Facebook Messenger or Twitter, it is all about messages. But still to-date Email is so popular that Microsoft started convert of Hotmail account to Gmail and Yahoo are still going great guns! But sometimes things can go wrong when you are working with […]

  • Download Free Video Training Of Windows 2008 Server

    Train Signal is a very good company which provides Computer Based Training of mostly IT products and technologies. Their topics include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Cisco and CompTIA training and certification courses. Train Signal is offering their Windows 2008 Video training for free. This training includes the following topics:

  • Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Printing

    In the previous lessons, we became familiar with the new interface of Microsoft Word 2007. We also learned how to create, open and save document and the options involved. Today we are going to discuss about printing. It’s really simple to configure printing options in Microsoft Word 2007. We can print an open document by […]

  • Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Saving Documents

    In the previous lesson, we learned how to create new documents and open existing documents. In this lesson, we are going to have a look at the saving options of Microsoft Word 2007. The New File Type docx: The versions of Microsoft Word prior to version 2007 used the extension as .doc. Now in the […]

  • Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Creating and Opening documents

    In the previous article, we got familiar with the layout and interface of Microsoft Word 2007. Today we will discuss about creating new documents and opening existing documents. It’s really simple but one should know about it :-). The Office Button: The Office Button is synonymous to what it used to be the File Menu […]

  • Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Getting Familiar With The New Layout

    From now on, I’ll be writing hows and whats of Microsoft Office starting with Microsoft Word. I’ll start with the beginning and then we’ll proceed to higher levels until we are fluent in Microsoft Office. Please let me know if you have any questions or confusions. We’ll learn Microsoft Office together. So let’s start with […]