Fix Firefox Memory Problems With Memory Fox

As we all know that Firefox is a memory hog. It takes a huge amount of memory. If you run Firefox for a day or two without closing it, it will take huge amounts of memory in order to run and the system becomes slow overall. This problem has existed from the beginning. Since Firefox is the browser of choice for many people as it offers a lot of features and flexibility, people can’t think of going to any alternative browser just for one reason.
There were some manual tweaks available that could do some work in preventing Firefox to use huge amount of RAM but now an add-on is available that will do the job for you. Memory Fox tries to recover any memory that is leaked by Firefox. This add-on serves as a huge improvement in Firefox memory usage. Memory Fox works as a separate process from the Firefox.exe main process. You can also configure when you want Memory Fox to start the memory recovery process, whether to start immediately, after one minute, two minutes or three minutes. The add-on is yet to be approved by the Mozilla team but hopefully it will be approved soon. You can still download Memory Fox and install it in Firefox.





3 responses to “Fix Firefox Memory Problems With Memory Fox”

  1. Ghulam Mustafa

    First, the code is still to be verified by FireFox.
    I installed the extension and it slowed the firefox to a shameful extent. I had to disable the extension.
    May be someone else has a different experience.

  2. Sanix

    Which version of Firefox are you using? I’m using Firefox 4 on my test system and it only took less than 800KB of memory running smoothly. If you’re having problems, you can change the settings to wait for 2 or 3 minutes for garbage collection..

  3. Ghulam Mustafa

    I am also using the same version. I will try changing the settings and post fresh experience.