Find Emails And Documents Faster With Lookeen

lookeen_logo (RGB) Lookeen is a Microsoft Office add-in compatible Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. The basic purpose of Lookeen is to find emails and conversations faster. Although we have Microsoft’s own Instant search plugin for Outlook and also Xobni which we have reviewed earlier. I got a comment in the same article suggesting about Lookeen which I had never heard of before so I tried it out and here’s what I have found out about Lookeen.

lookeen2010_screen outlook2010 3

Lookeen serves as a powerful “local email search engine” which can index all the .pst files on the hard drive (whichever we specify) and then displays results from all of them instead of limiting itself to a single folder. Microsoft’s instant search plugin lets us search email from one folder only so Lookeen surely goes one step further.

One thing I liked about Lookeen is that we can specify certain filters for our search, specifying a time period is the most advantageous to me. We can also specify if we’re searching for a specific type of attachment like DOC file or a PDF file. Lookeen also lets us preview the attachment before opening. Another great feature is that we can save our search parameters in favorites and then use shortkeys to run the same search query again.

Another quite interesting feature of Lookeen is that it also indexes some important folders like Documents, Music, Videos etc.

My wishlist for Lookeen

There are some features in my mind that if implemented in Lookeen would make Lookeen more attractive and useful tool for frequent email (Outlook and Google) users.

First of all I would like Lookeen to index Contacts too and then give suggestions while inserting an email address (Just like Xobni does but in paid version)

Secondly I would like Lookeen to index fIMAP folders so that we can search in those folders too.

Third is the addition of more email clients like Thunderbird

And last but not least, if Lookeen can index Gmail’s offline email store, that would certainly add to Lookeen’s great functionality and flexibility.

Download Lookeen from here.

If you want to get a free license of Lookeen, please go to the free giveaway of Lookeen.






3 responses to “Find Emails And Documents Faster With Lookeen”

  1. HNN

    I have 33,000 emails and Outlook 2010 stopped searching.
    Found Lookeen and it took only seconds to search 33,000 emails.
    This tool is very helpful for me to clean my PST files so it has multiple funtionality which makes it one of the best software for me for 2010.
    It does not slow down computer while indexing which is very important too.

    1. Sanix

      I am also enjoying Lookeen right now. I was using Xobni before.

  2. Kpnk

    I installed Lookeen a year ago and I’m still amazed about the speed and precision of that tool. Thanks for developing @axonic!