Download Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta1 Wave 4

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Just got the news that Windows Live Wave 4 is coming and has been released to a limited number of people for beta testing. Fortunately an Italian site has got a patch for Windows Live Messenger 2010 which will allow everyone to use atleast Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta.
According to, here are few of the features that are included in Windows Live Messenger 2010:

1 – Ability to write messages to the pen.
2 – Better integration with the pride of Windows 7 now are shown buttons to quickly change state.
3 – The transfer of files, especially the picture was considerably changed and improved, although it is still very unstable, you can find online or even send pictures from your album on Facebook.
4 – New emoticons much less expressive, much more communicative than previous versions.
5 – The windows of the conversations are now grouped and can be navigated through the tabs in Internet Explorer style.
6 – New layout for the contact list is now much more customizable, flanked by a window with the latest news of our friends, like on Facebook.
7 – Integration with Facebook is still not working correctly.
8 – Obviously MSN Plus! is not compatible and therefore you should set the display to “nickname” of your contacts.
9 – Many operations, such as video calls, can not be made with previous versions of the program.
10 – Sharing a YouTube video, the video will be displayed in the conversation as it is for sharing photos.
Windows Live Wave 4 Beta can be downloaded from the following location:
Windows Live Wave 4 Beta
And the patch for running Windows Live Messenger 2010 can be downloaded from the following location:
Windows Live Messenger 2010 patch
First install Windows Live Wave and then the messenger patch.





2 responses to “Download Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta1 Wave 4”

  1. Jaded

    Interesting. Live Messenger (Wave 3) played up earlier. Everyone was appearing offline when they werent, irrespective of what they set their status to. Apparently they were doing something on the LIVE servers in preparation for WLM 2010 (wave4). Fingers crossed its good. Can’t wait for Mesh. And personally I’m looking forward to see how much cleaner the interface will be. Personally I swear by A-PATCH to make my wave 3 minimalist. I hate how Microsoft crap up and bloat their Messenger Client.


    all grace abound to me