Alternate iPod Manager

Got an eye on an alternative to iPod’s default iPod manager. This is a free app designed to efficiently manage your iPod or even a Motorola mobile phone (models that support iTunes).

Foola is a portable application that can be run directly from iPod itself. It supports all commonly used iPod features like artwork, podcasts and smart playlists. It can also convert audio or video to a compatible format so that you may be able to copy almost any file to it. It also supports Youtube and Myspace videos. I’m not sure about Facebook videos.
The photos can also be synchronized with the iPod by using Foola rather than iTunes.
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4 responses to “Alternate iPod Manager”

  1. azhar

    I am really impressed with this guy. He is rocking. I can get all the required information from only one website.

  2. azhar

    technize zinda-abad

  3. sophyyyy

    what’s up .. it seems to be a good program but unfortunately it isn’t supported on Windows 7 so i’ve found another one helped me to add, remove and copy photos and music between my laptop and ipod also can remove duplicates its name is (Ipod Manager) it’s available here

  4. sally

    Thanks .. its a good program but i found a program helped me much more in adding, deleting, coping photos and audio between the iPod and my laptop its name is (iPod manager) and it’s available here