Zimbra Collaboration Suite – Installation

  1. Using Fedora Core 5, install the operating system with its default configuration i.e., default partition layout.


  • Assign a live IP to the system along with the local IP.


  • Hostname should be fully qualified i.e., mail.example.com.


  • Make sure your FQDN is before your hostname in /etc/hosts e.g, example.com mail

  1. Configure the DNS with A and MX records of the mail server.


  • Make sure the following ports are open:


  1. Linux firewall and SELinux should be disabled.

Installing Zimbra:

  1. Untar Zimbra to a new directory.


  • Make sure sendmail, postfix and mysql services are not running during installation process.


  • Pre-requisite packages for Zimra:

#GMP or compat-libstddcc++

  1. Run ./install.sh from the new directory to start the installation.


  • Select packages to install (Default should go fine)


  • Create the admin password from the menu list (that’s mandatory).


  • To start or stop Zimbra:

su -zimbra
zmcontrol start
zmcontrol stop
zmcontrol status

  1. To access via web:

Admin console





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