Windows Desktop Shell Replacement – SharpEnviro

SharpE is a Windows Desktop replacement which is not as light as the default Windows Desktop but not very heavy like other alternatives. It changes the Start Menu, taskbar, system tray and the desktop.

When you install SharpEnviro, it will place a new toolbar on the top of the screen just like Ubuntu or Linux. It contains the whole bunch of useful system tools that you can add or remove from the toolbar. SharpEnviro tries to organize more space out of the same screen available. The Start Menu is also minimal and compacted in order to give the exact options which we need.

SharpEnviro doesn’t change the default Windows Explorer. This is good in the sense that most of the people including me feel easy with the default look and feel of the explorer. I have used many others but don’t feel as comfortable as with the default one.

Download SharpEnviro from here.





4 responses to “Windows Desktop Shell Replacement – SharpEnviro”

  1. alexsupra

    if it doesnt change the default Windows Explorer as system shell it is not the real alternative shell, just addon. look at the real blackbox-based Windows shell alternative – UTBOX

  2. Deskex

    As part of replacement (taskbar replacement) I recommend to try Taskbow taskbar replacer ( it is colorable and easy to reorder.

  3. alphabetasoup

    also check out winstep’s nexus dock.

  4. xyz

    Just like Ubuntu OR Linux ? Stopped reading here – clueless author.