Windows 7 Theme For Fifa World Cup

Everybody nowadays is heated up with the commence of the Fifa Worldcup 2010. I have written about the worldcup schedule. I was looking for a Windows 7 theme for Fifa Worldcup 2010 so that I may be able to “inject” the same fever in my laptop :-). Finally I got my hands on EA Sports Fifa Worldcup 2010 theme for Windows 7.
The theme is really very good having a brownish look with a lot of wallpapers.
windows 7 theme for fifa worldcup 2010

The theme can be downloaded from the following location:
[download id=”331″]
This theme is only for Windows 7. If anyone is using Windows XP, we have a collection of wallpapers of this theme. The wallpapers can be downloaded here :
[download id=”332″]



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