Who Is Connected To Your Windows Machine?

If you are connected to a network or Internet and you want to see which services are connected to your system then you can find that out with a simple DOS command.
To find out who is connected to your PC, go to Start –> Run –> cmd. This will open up the DOS command prompt.
Type “netstat -a” in the

command prompt and you’ll see all the connections on your system that are active at this time.

See which process is involved in the connection

NETSTAT comes with a lot of options. One of them is that you can see the executable which is involved in each connection. You can type the following command to see the executables along with the connections.
C:\>netstat -b

Automatically Refreshing

If you want that the netstat results be refreshed automatically at specific intervals and you don’t have to type in the command again and again, you can use the following command option:
C:\>netstat <interval>
Where interval is any no. of seconds. For example if you want the results to be refreshed after every 5 seconds, then here is the command for it:
C:\netstat 5

Saving the output results

If you want to have a log of your active connections, then you can use the following command:
C:\>netstat -b 1 > “connections.txt”
This command will save the results of netstat after every one second. And if you want to quit saving the results, go to the cmd prompt where the command is running, press Ctrl+C to stop the command. The file connections.txt will be saved in the directory where you currently are. For example in my example case above, it will be saved in C:\.





6 responses to “Who Is Connected To Your Windows Machine?”

  1. Shaji

    How about My Computer -> Right-click -> Manage -> Shares -> Sessions

  2. Sanix

    Shaji, the manage option only shows a very limited version of local area network shares and connections established. It’s not as powerful as netstat command.

  3. Shaji

    Yes, but you said WHO not WHAT… and for more amateur users it is sufficient. Netstat is for admins and freaks (like me) who wish to make sure nothing unnecessary is connected.

  4. Sanix

    Shaji you’re right.. the command prompt usually is for more experienced users but all of us should try new things .. this is the only way to learn in computer world.

  5. richie

    the Microsoft (ex-SysInternals) TCPVIEW shows it in a gui..

  6. Shivananda

    Who Is Connected To Your Windows Machine?
    from command prompt type:
    net sessions
    this will display all users connected to the shares and also root (C$) of the windows machine
    tag: net sessions