Volume Control Program has not been installed

Windows is very bad in terms of protecting itself from other programs. For example, I was installing some device drivers and after I finished everything and double clicked the Windows sound control in the status bar, it gave me the following error:

“Volume Control Program has not been installed”

I did a little research and came to know that sometimes, some device driver will play with the volume control utility and it’ll corrupt the program.


The solution to this problem is very simple, just go to X:\Windows\System32 (X is your system drive), replace sndvol32.exe with a new one. You can copy it from any other working system. You can download sndvol32.exe from here:
[download id=”196″]






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  5. lauren

    Awesome tip. How easy was that. I’ve had other sites trying to have me do all manner of complex things!

  6. Frank

    Thanks! They need to take those other tips off the internet, this one worked perfectly. Simple and quick and most importantly effective. I actually didn’t even have the file anymore, but downloaded it from here, put it in and voila! Thanks again.

  7. Luke

    Fantastic tip
    Other websites scared me away from trying but this was easy and painless

  8. Chris

    That was easy. I wish I could fix all my computer problems like this 🙂 Thanks

  9. Greg

    Wow how easy was that…too bad you don’t make any money not scamming people like all those other sites.

  10. vivek

    thank u so much dude…….

  11. DOREL

    Thank you very much !!! I tried all kinds of other ways , but I didn’t even believe this one to be so easy , but I said , might as well do it since it didn’t take too long to do it , and ……VOILA !!! It’s working again ,and sooooo easy.
    Thanks again , SANIX !!!

  12. Ranjit

    Thanks Mate.. i could solve it with this help from you.

  13. suhas

    Thank you very much!

  14. abento

    thanks dude its really helpul and saves time 😀

  15. Laetitia

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Ross

    Thanks man. That put all of the other websites to shame!
    So simple and easy. Not complicated like others. 😀

  17. Chazzee23

    thank you mate worked a treat, had a look at a few other suggestions first, im glad i found this sooner rather than lata, CHEERS

  18. Suzanne How

    sorry to be a dummy but how do i do this exactly. where do i find X:\Windows\System32 so i can change to new one

    1. Sanix

      Suzanne How, you should replace X with your system drive. For example if you have Windows installed in your C drive, then the path will be:
      Please let me know if your fixed your problem. Thanks.

  19. Suzanne How

    i typed C:\Windows\System32 in windows explorer and a bunch of files came up i am sorry but i need step by step

  20. Sanix

    Suzanne How, just follow the steps below:
    1) Download file from the following location:
    2) Go to Windows Explorer and type in the following in the address bar:
    3) Copy the downloaded file (from step 1) and paste it in System32 directory (from step 2)
    4) If it says, the file already exists, just replace it.
    Now you’re good to go. Try with your volume control again and it should work now 🙂
    If you have any other problems please let us know in Technize Forums

  21. Suzanne How

    thank you so very much it worked…..

  22. Chad

    Thanks for the tip. Worked like a dream!

  23. enaamii

    thanks… simple but a great job.

  24. dave

    simple and fast, thx soo much 🙂

  25. Ann

    Thanks so much. It’s really a very easy solution compared to the ones from other sites.

  26. Kayla

    My volume control is still grayed out and I already tried this…

  27. Bob

    Great solution! For us idiots, click start, run and if your main hard drive is C: type in: C:\Windows\System32, click OK. Worked perfect

  28. Rodney

    So easy to do. I think this site had the file removed but i found another link to use. Copy, paste. How easy can it get. Thank you thank you!

  29. Sanix

    Rodney, thanks for pointing out the broken link. I have restored the download again so that everyone may be able to download it easily.

  30. nancy

    A big thanks, worked perfectly!

  31. total genius

    @Suzanne How
    i know i dont get it either where is it , how do you replace??plaese need help

  32. adi

    thanks a lot… works great… you need not install anything.. just copy and paste…

  33. Na

    thank you so muchhh!!
    easy and cool method 😀

  34. Lauren Bunny

    You rock. Thank you for making this process so simple…everybody else had me thinking I needed to do 87 friggin’ steps and you helped me with a couple! Cheers:)

  35. lkminz

    working !!!!

  36. erik

    great thanks

  37. nepo

    thanks men ! it worked and helpfull…. the best solution !