VLC Player – Is it better than Windows Media Player?

VLC player is a media player like Windows Media Player. It is highly portable, cross platform and streaming server. It is available for more than a dozen operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD etc. It supports a huge amount of audio and video formats including MPEG, DivX, mp3, ogg, DVD, VCD, FLV etc. If you want to see a complete feature list of VLC player, you can see it here.
I had been reading about VLC player but today I decided to download and try it. It’s about 9.25 MB in size (I downloaded the Windows version). The first thought that came in my mind after launching the player was that it was so light that it almost instantly flashed up while Windows Media Player takes a while to startup on my old PC. And then I didn’t have to install the codec packs seperately to run particular media files that donot run on WMP without the required codecs. Its video quality is also really good. Still to test the advanced features but I would recommend everybody to try VLC player atleast once. It costs nothing, you only have to download and install it and start playing your videos.
Please let us know your experiences about VLC player.
VLC Player comes in with a lot of skins. You can select and download the skins here.
Download VLC Player from here.
Direct Windows Download Link Here.
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9 responses to “VLC Player – Is it better than Windows Media Player?”

  1. Amin Farjudian

    I mostly use Linux, so I’m used to VLC. However I think it objectively beats media player in some areas. Without third party add-ons VLC gives more control over video and audio effects which are by default absent in Media Player 11. The picture seems somewhat better, though I don’t have any scientific proof of that. Over all, as a truly freeware (without nagging ads on adwares or disabled features) for DVD playback in Windows, I recommend VLC.

  2. Daniel

    VLC is far better than media player.
    Not only is it faster and more responsive, but it can simply do things media player can’t.
    On the fly video rotation? Check. Network streaming? Check. Direct capture from a webcam or other device? Check.
    In fact you could do all three, capture input from a webcam, rotate the image and stream it across a network quite easily and quickly… if that’s what you wanted to do…
    It also plays more formats and can preview some semi-complete files that other media players wouldn’t touch.

  3. Nayeem

    VLC player is, of course, a lot better than Window Media Player.
    But I think KmPlayer is a lot better than VLC player.

  4. neeraj

    its better

  5. cd

    Actually I still like WMP better. On my 2 year old computer, WMP still loads up in less than about 1 second at most. And with K-Lite codec pack installed, it plays any video file that I throw at it without exception. Just a personal preference.. VLC would def. be 2nd choice.

    1. Sanix

      I also have the same setup but when it comes to portability, VLC will be more helpful than WMP.

  6. pascal

    windows media player 12 is better because it has better sound and better gpu support. it also supports 64 bit.
    with wm12 you can use trubass and wow-effect.
    it is easier to use and it looks better.
    you can download windows 7 codec to play everything.
    it is also faster.

  7. Luis

    WMP 12 which comes bundled with Windows 7 is better than VLC Player. It has better visualization support, Dolby Digital Plus Effects for DVD, SRS WOW Effects. With the K-Lite Codec Pack it plays any file on the web. Better Design and with a plugin called lyrics plugin you can view the lyrics of any song.

  8. Luis

    I will use it the 3 media players i have in my computer: VLC, WMP and KPM. I hope the 3 media players get along very well like brothers