The Computing Tablets War – Apple iPad Alternatives

A smart phone can be used by anyone who needs a phone but what is a tablet for? Is it a phone or is it a computer? no .. OMG yes? I don’t really understand the difference. I have never been comfortable with the idea of a tablet as it only fits a specific category of people, never recommended for everyone. But the truth today is that the Tablet war has been started by the release of Apple iPad which received enormous appreciation by its users. But now other competitors have hurried into the market. Let me point out the ones that I have seen.

The first one is Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy tablet is yet to be launched and is said to compete very well with the Apple iPad. Galaxy will run Android which is a Google Operating System for smart phones and measures around 7 inches. Even the name, Galaxy Tablet, isn’t confirmed yet.  It may be named as Galaxy tab or Galaxy tape. he device as stated above might run on Android 2.2 with a 1.2 GHz A8 processor. It should have a Super AMOLED screen and enough memory capacity consisting of 16 GB of internal storage and 32 GB MicroSD expansion. (Source)
The second one is Asus ee-Pad. The name sounds like iPad. Asus has two versions of their ee-Pad (not sure whether both of them have been released or not). One of the versions will run Windows 7 while the other one will be running Android. I would prefer Android as it’s faster and light weight as compared to Windows 7.
Toshiba SmartPad is expected to be released in October 2010. Toshiba SmartPad will support USB and HDMI connectivity formats. The Operating System of SmartPad is still to be decided but it will be one of the two, Windows 7 or Android.
The last one is K-Mart Augen. I never knew about this brand until I read its review (here). The Augen is a 7-inch tablet that works on Android 2.1. It comes ready with WiFi and has 2GB of storage. It also has 256MB of RAM. It is a nice and simple tablet with a reasonable price tag i.e, $150.
I’m never interested in tablets but the war that has started among the giants attract me towards following more about this topic. Anyone knowing about more tablets and their features please let me know through comments.





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