Prevent Laptop To Shutdown Or Sleep When LCD Screen Is Closed

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My Laptop’s LCD screen was not working properly so rather than repairing the screen, I preferred to buy a new 23” LCD Screen. I chose Samsung. It shows good quality and sharp graphics. Coming back to the main point, now I have connected the laptop with the 23” LCD monitor and want to turn off my laptop’s LCD screen.
Now whenever I closed my laptop’s LCD screen, the laptops goes into sleep mode. I wanted to close the LCD lid of the laptop so that it remains safe. By the way I’m using external keyboard and mouse so I don’t need the laptop keyboard and touch pad.
Here is what I did to stop my laptop to sleep or hibernate on closing the LCD screen.
In Windows 7, go to Start Menu search and write power options. Press Enter to select the first result which should be Power Options. There will be three modes preset by Windows 7 which can be selected according to the situation. If you want to change the mode according to the situation, then I would recommend you to read the following article:

Windows 7 Smart Power Management

To edit a power plan which you want to use normally and want to prevent the computer to sleep or hibernate when closing the LCD screen, select that power plan from Power Options. I prefer High Performance plan to run normally on my laptop.
power options
Select Change plan settings.
change plan settings
Then select Change advanced power settings and expand “Power buttons and lid”.
Then expand “Lid close action”
Click on Plugged in and select Do nothing.
powe options advanced settings
Now if your laptop will not sleep on closing the LCD Screen or lid.





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  2. Chetan

    Thanks..It helped

  3. Gene

    I have the same problem. I set every power option I could find to ‘Never’ or ‘Do nothing’ including what to do when the lid is closed and I still have the problem. the second I close the laptop lid, the external monitor goes black and displays a message that it is in sleep mode. Only way to get the monitor back is to open the lid and hit the power button.

  4. Amon

    How about for Windows Vista?

  5. SEB57

    thanks so much for this very accurate description. This has helped to solve my trouble.
    Thanks again.

  6. richie

    OMG thankyou this bothered me sooooo much!

  7. Omar

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction; works perfectly. I’m glad Windows does this natively rather than requiring some registry hack/etc.