Pistonsoft Skype Recorder Review And Giveaway [5 Licenses]

Skype is spreading like fire in the line of instant messengers. Skype is mainly used in the corporate world for its VOIP qualities. You can call any Skype to Skype worldwide and you can also call any landline or mobile. In the corporate world, keeping a history of everything is really very important. Skype does save the text chats locally on the computer but does not provide any way of voice recording so that we can also keep track of our voice conferences, chats etc.


Pistonsoft Skype Recorder is very good add-on of Skype that can serve the purpose of saving voice chats. Another benefit of Pistonsoft Skype Recorder is that in addition to giving an option to save the voice conversations locally, it also gives an option to save the conversations to Gmail directly. This is especially useful when you want an online backup to be available all the time.

This compact Skype call recorder offers the following useful features:

  • Possibility to record Skype calls;
  • Possibility to save Skype history locally and to your Gmail account as MP3 files;
  • Secure transmission of your Skype history items to Google Mail via secure SSL connection;
  • Automating labeling of Skype chat history entries in your inbox.

My wish list for the future versions of this software:

  • It should support SMTP email service so that the recorded conversations can be saved to any email address other than Gmail.
  • It should also support remote backup services for the voice recordings to be saved.
  • It should support saving text chats in the same way as voice recordings.

Pistonsoft Skype Recorder can be downloaded from here.

Now to the main point, Pistonsoft is kind enough to giveaway 5 licenses of Skype Recorder to Technize users. So what you have to do for winning the free license of Skype Recorder?

All you have to do is comment on this article and give your views about technize.com and your personal review about Pistonsoft Skype Recorder. The five best commentors will be selected from the comments. Please note that this is a two step giveaway. In the first step, winners will be chosen from the comments and then announced in another article on 4th October 2010. The winners must comment on the winners page to get their licenses.

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18 responses to “Pistonsoft Skype Recorder Review And Giveaway [5 Licenses]”

  1. vhick

    Technize is a good site where they tackle some interesting article like this software. I didn’t know that there is a voice recorder for skype.
    I this is the nice software from PistonSoft. It is perfect for me because I need to record some of critical instruction gave by my boss through skype.
    Thanks for the giveway!

  2. Ghulam Mustafa

    Ever since I came across Technize, my computer knowledge has grown manifolds. As a hobbyist computer geek I have recommended reading technize to many of my friends and computer owners who asked for my help. This is so true to the extent that when I install ‘fastdial’ extension on their computers in firefox, I always leave a link for technize.com.
    The technize community is also very active as I see posts from so many users on this forum which reflects the amount of input to this forum.
    previously I used to write things down in my notebook but Now I dont need to as I just search for solutions needed on technize.
    thats all I had to say !
    I will comment on Pistonsoft Skype Recorder when I get this app.

  3. Christian

    I have used Skype many times the VoIP software is great and easy to understand. I chat every day to my sister and we are 4 States away from each other.

  4. rizal

    First,thanks for the great giveaway offer… 😉
    Honestly,after read a review…..I am very interested to try this online chat tool.As stated in the review,it seems useful for me as it can saving voice chats,also act as online backup.
    Great review….I loved this site, as my interest in unlimited world(internet) increase and this site give a lot of extra knowledges for me. As a science student,my subject not exposed in detail on all of this info that I found in this site.In my college, my main subject is biology and I loved it.So, I also never want to miss this ‘unlimited’ world.Second time,THANKS technize.com and Pistonsoft. For Pistonsoft I will give feedback if there is a way that I can help improve your product.
    rizal(sharing is caring)…. 🙂

  5. Coast32

    Thank You Technize for yet a another awesome and ubercool giveaway.Being a active user of Skype,I regularly contact my relatives and friends living overseas through Skype,Pistonsoft Skype Recorder looks like a very good add-on for any Skype user who need to save those precious and liesurely voice chats with added benefit of having online backup on gmail as well.
    I totally with you on three must-include features in your wishlist for Pistonsoft Skype Recorder 😀
    Personally I think this Skype add-on is definitely a must for Skype lovers who want to save and backup their personal or private voice chats for later use,totally.
    Technize.com in definitely a site I would recommend not only to all tech-lovers,geeks,nerds,etc. alike but everyone who are interested in gaining some invaluable news and information about new and latest technology input,helpful tutorials and reviews,great giveaways,others,etc. simply just more power to your readers.Keep up the good work of growing bigger Technize staff and good luck.

  6. Kavin Seth

    Technize.com is doing a great job of providing news and info about pretty much everything related to Technology and other similar solutions and fantastic giveaways 🙂
    Please count me in for the Pistonsoft Skype Recorder license giveaway,I certainly do believe this add-on for sure help save my Skype chats without the hassle of downloading and installing other similar softwares to get the job done.The additional gmail account backup is much appreciated.Thank you Technize and Pistonsoft for this opportunity.

  7. Ando

    A perfect tool. It seems that it had be seen in GOTD site.

  8. niroop

    this article about Skype recorder is really a opportunity to those who want to make a record of everything they do on skype.This is a unique software with a unique capability ,i also want a free license to that.
    Technize rocks.Best article again

  9. GT

    thanks. This is new to me and I’m wanting to participate.
    Please count me in.
    Mr. G.T.

  10. Grr

    Hi Sanix,
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I have been ur subscriber for quite some time now. Coming from Technical field I found ur articles/posts quite interesting.
    You have been posting very good mix of articles about privacy, security products, social network, netbooks/laptops, non-windows, open-source stuffs and others.
    I’m also very impressed by your pick of giveaways which include Lookeen Outlook Add-in, BullGuard, VPN. Unfortunately, not my luck at them:) But yes I won Wondershare recently.
    Your site is sleek, better designed, with no clutter as to what I notice. It would be great if you could review the Blogrolls and Friendly sites, removing the dead and those which are pointed RED by WOT .
    I use Skype almost on daily basis, as it is cheap and has good voice quality. Coming to Pistonsoft Skype Recorder a few points:
    1. easy to integrate with Skype and install
    2. allows saving to Gmail account as well as hard-disk
    3. moderate on system resources.
    4. recoded MP3 quality is good, if not best.
    1. MP3 files are usually larger in size. So there is a limitation on the recorded size/calls which could be saved. Limitation is 25Mb.
    2. Gmail may anytime block the account, due to suspection
    3. Need to provided Gmail credentials (username/password) to the software
    4. In case recording exceeds Gmail attachment size it would be completely lost.
    1. Could provide a function for splitting the MP3 file size based on the user provided input size
    2. An option to save file in a format other than MP3.
    Thanks to you (Sanix) & Pistonsoft.
    Please count me in.

  11. Sanix

    I’m extending the giveaway until 11th October.

  12. Grr

    Sanix, Sorry to bother you again.
    And the winners are?

  13. Saimon

    i use IMCapture for Skype imcapture. com.It’s prog for record audio and video calls.I like this.

  14. Melissa Savern

    I still prefer http://www.supertintin.com/ which also records video calls.

  15. kerri

    so far, supertintin is indeed the best skype recorder out there.

  16. dinadana

    as for me – i prefer IMCapture for Skype recorder.
    Nice design and low price!

  17. Angelica Ryan

    Great help. I have tried it for my interviews and business calls. Recordings are consistent which made my transcriptions a lot easier. It’s worth the purchase.

  18. MyleneR

    I use Supertintin in recording audio and video calls in Skype. Very great recording quality, easy to use, convenient to install and reliable. Worth buying.