Organize Your Open Applications With Virtual Desktops

I have always loved linux desktop because we can create and manage so many desktops at a time. It helps alot to organize ourselves. For example, I do multiple types of works when I’m on my work PC. I have blogging stuff open, I have office documents open, I have internet surfing and research stuff open and many more. What I want to do it separate every type of work in a different desktop so that my task bar is not cluttered and I am well organized and my work speed is efficient. Using multiple desktops along with a Vmware client can increase productivity while reducing the hassle of working with full screen virtual applications.
I have used so many multiple desktop managers but the problem with most of them is that either they are not user friendly or they are too heavy on system resources. I was going through sysinternals site where Microsoft utilities are given and I found this tiny little utility called Desktops. It’s about 62 KB and it does my job perfectly. It takes almost no resources and I can configure the shortcut by which I can switch desktops.
Here is it’s configuration screen:

And here is how it shows the desktops when we click on it’s icon on the status bar.
More details of Desktops and download can be have from here.
And to download from our servers:
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One response to “Organize Your Open Applications With Virtual Desktops”

  1. javed khalil

    sounds cooool… i can get it. Work in stealth mode. when boss shows up his boring face, switch desktop. wow. Good software. Requires a bit powerful machine though.